Amanda Pooley-Brand

Senior Digital Producer

B.Eng (Computer Systems) (RMIT)

A former QA specialist and front end developer, Amanda is a producer with an eye for detail.

Amanda brings a broad foundation of experience to her role as Senior Digital Producer. Among the many and diverse titles she has held are: Senior Producer for an advertising agency, Front End Developer, and QA Testing Lead. However, the main focus of her career has been project management of development projects. She has managed a wide range applications, websites and every kind of integration in between. Amanda considers her career highlight to be "launching three separate high-profile websites over a two-week period and having none of my team members burn out". When she's not managing digital projects, Amanda can be found dancing and performing on stages big and small across the world, yarn bombing and fundraising through flash mobs.

Quick facts about Amanda

Favorite emoji


Star sign

♏ Scorpio

Chinese zodiac

🐍 Snake

Inspired by

Misty Copeland and Mikhail Baryshnikov – because they never let anyone else's opinion of what they should be or do stop them from doing what they wanted.

Fun fact

Amanda can read morse code.