Matthew Stobo

Senior Digital Producer / QA Team Lead

B.ITS (Application Development) (Monash University)

Matt has worn many hats, from developer to consultant, and is as comfortable in the meeting room as he is behind a code editor.

His coding background enables him to bring a deep level of technical understanding to his role as project manager. Matt is able to confidently support clients with complex integrations or platforms comprising multiple technologies. He is also an integral member of our QA team. Matt has a natural curiosity for technology and is particularly interested in automation. He's a self-confessed AFL and basketball fanatic and can frequently be found watching his favourite teams, the Adelaide Crows and Charlotte Hornets, on weekends. And when he's not watching basketball, he's often playing it. 

Quick facts about Matthew

Favorite emoji


Star sign

♉ Taurus

Chinese zodiac

🐐 Goat

Inspired by

Retired American basketball player Muggsy Bogues, for working hard enough to defy expectations.

Fun fact

There is a Stobo castle (in the town of Stobo) in Scotland, which is now a luxurious day spa. Unfortunately Matt has no claim to it.