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Formerly known as IBM Watson, Acoustic is a suite of enterprise-level AI-enhanced services, applications and marketing tools. Luminary is an Acoustic Partner.

Acoustic (formerly IBM Watson) is a customer engagement platform that delivers a range of capabilities for marketing, commerce and supply chain activities. Powered by the latest innovations in machine learning, Acoustic is designed to let you learn more with less data, so you can make better, more informed marketing decisions.

Why Acoustic?

Built on the foundations of IBM's marketing and commerce platform, Watson Customer Engagement, Acoustic is a proven technology platform. This is reflected in the fact that the IBM platform was recognised by Gartner as a Leader in the first Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Magic Quadrant (2018). The platform's AI-powered products are designed to remove friction and deliver a more consistent experience to the market, whilst also protecting customer privacy. Acoustic’s open platform integrates with other leading services at scale, complementing tools already used by marketers to connect data across ecosystems and uncover novel insights to drive growth. 

Acoustic features

Products offered by Acoustic include:

  • Acoustic Marketing Cloud
    • Acoustic Campaign (formerly Campaign Automation)
    • Acoustic Experience Analytics (formerly Tealeaf)
    • Acoustic Content (formerly Content Hub)
    • Acoustic Personalization (formerly Real-Time Personalization)
    • Acoustic Journey Analytics
    • Acoustic Digital Analytics
    • Acoustic Exchange (formerly Universal Behavior Exchange)
  • Acoustic Lifecycle Pricing (formerly DemandTec)
  • Acoustic Lifecycle Promotion (formerly DemandTec)
  • Acoustic Payments (formerly Payments Gateway)

Our Acoustic expertise

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