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Umbraco is the leading open source ASP.NET Content Management System complemented by Umbraco Cloud (a PaaS offering from Umbraco HQ) and Umbraco Heartcore (SaaS Headless CMS). Home to two Umbraco MVPs, two Certified Masters and multiple certified developers, Luminary has a strong Umbraco team.

Luminary is an Umbraco Platinum Partner and an officially recognised Contributing Partner. We have Umbraco developers and designers with years of experience in Sydney, Melbourne and beyond.

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Umbraco is a full-featured, open source CMS with the power and flexibility to cater for start-ups right through to global brands. With more than 700,000 sites powered by Umbraco globally, it is one of the fastest-growing .NET Content Management Systems.

Umbraco is headquartered in Denmark but is supported by a network of more than 200,000 active users around the world who are consistently updating and improving the platform. Umbraco has been in operation as an open source CMS provider since 2005.

Core Umbraco CMS features

  • No ongoing licence fee makes it cost effective
  • A simple, intuitive user interface
  • Multi-channel delivery – Umbraco can be used to deliver content on anything from websites to mobile apps, digital signage and IoT devices
  • Design freedom – Umbraco can be used as a headless CMS, so you can use whatever front end code you like
  • Inherent .NET MVC support enabling you to achieve very specific markup needs
  • Supports agile processes to help you get your project live faster
  • Umbraco’s full API for both front and back end allows for ease of integration with third party systems, including your CRM, e-commerce platform, personalisation engine and other on-premise legacy business systems
  • Versioned content gives you an ‘infinite undo button’ allowing you to easily roll back to an earlier version
  • Built-in image cropper ensures your images are presented correctly regardless of the device your visitor is using
  • Form Builder allows you to build anything from a simple contact form to a complex questionnaire without any need for coding
  • Allows you to easily control how your content will look on social media 
  • Semantic content lets you personalise the visitor experience using parameters such as location, interests, time or third party segmentation tools
  • User management features allow you to control permissions and access for different role types
  • Optional cloud hosting – with Microsoft Azure – means your site will automatically receive the latest bug fixes and security features (Microsoft Azure will also give you peace of mind, knowing that your site is running on the best infrastructure and backed by a reputable global company)
  • Run and manage multiple websites from a single Umbraco installation
  • In-built support for multi-lingual sites

Managed Umbraco products

In addition to the open source CMS, Umbraco also offers Umbraco Cloud (Platform as a Service) and Umbraco Heartcore (headless CMS), with which we have web development experience. 

Umbraco Cloud 

Umbraco Cloud is Umbraco's Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering. The open-source Umbraco CMS is deployed to Azure infrastructure managed by Umbraco HQ. Hosting, website set-up, latest bug and security fixes are all automated giving developers more time to focus on developing new features. Centralised user management, data security, automatic TLS Certificates and HTTPS for all Cloud sites via Cloudflare, and features such as ContentFlow and Baselines reduce time-to-market.

With data centres across the world, you can now choose to host your Umbraco Cloud project in eastern Australia in addition to data centres in East US, West Europe and South UK. Luminary is proud to have partnered with Umbraco HQ in realising the Australian data centre.

Umbraco Heartcore 

Umbraco Heartcore is Umbraco's Software as a Service (SaaS) Headless CMS offering. Heartcore is built on top of the open-source CMS, deployed on Azure infrastructure and uses Cloudflare CDN for content and media delivery. Content is served via a dynamic RESTful API, with GraphQL out of the box. The API nature of this product makes the consuming application platform agnostic. However Umbraco HQ provides libraries for .NET Core and Node JS. Heartcore has a familiar Umbraco back-office and content structured in a tree format. Content Management APIs, WebHooks, API browser, Image Manipulation Service on the CDN and multi-language support also come out of the box.

Our Umbraco website experts

Our Umbraco team consists of developers and solution architects and is led by Emmanuel Tissera and Mario Lopez, two of just a handful of Umbraco MVPs in Australia.

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