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Adviceline Injury Lawyers

Adviceline Injury lawyers is a leading personal injury practice that has been helping Victorians get their lives back on track for more than 50 years. The firm had a website that was difficult for content administrators to update. Navigation had also become very difficult for users, and the site was in need of a design refresh.

The challenge

Adviceline Injury Lawyers’ website needed a refresh to position the firm among top-level peers in the online legal marketplace, while also setting the brand apart for its client-first and boutique approach to providing legal services. 

The main objectives of this project were to:

  • elevate the overall user experience and design aesthetics of the site
  • improve the layout of content and access to information, and
  • streamline the content editing experience.
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What we did 

The foundation for the project was a comprehensive content audit and discovery phase. This allowed the project team to take a step back and reimagine the information architecture and navigation in a way that was more aligned with how the client sees legal services. 

From a design perspective, the old site was very focused on stock photography and failed to convey the sense of caring and empathy that Adviceline Injury Lawyers are known for. The new design replaces stock photography with a warmer, and more personal look and feel, putting the emphasis on the firm’s people in natural and relaxed settings.

For content editors, the incorporation of reusable, modular content makes the site far easier to update and maintain, without the need for developer intervention. 

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The technology selected for this site was very much driven by Adviceline's desire for flexibility and performance. By using a Jamstack approach, based on headless CMS Kentico Kontent combined with static site generator Gatsby, we were able to build a super-fast website that allowed Adviceline maximum flexibility in terms of both content management and ongoing development.

The use of a headless CMS, rather than a traditional all-in-one platform, means Adviceline can completely change the tech stack of its website, without any need to rebuild the CMS. This gives it the ability to select best-of-breed microservices and swap them in and out as desired. The use of a headless CMS in combination with a static site generator also brings significant benefits in terms of speed, security and SEO. 

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The result

The outcome was a vastly simplified and more intuitive information architecture and a much cleaner design that more appropriately reflects the firm’s positioning in the market. From a content admin perspective, the incorporation of reusable, modular content makes the site far easier to update and maintain, without the need for developer intervention. 

Since launch, there has been a 20% reduction in the bounce rate, while a better mobile experience has resulted in a 21% increase in mobile visits. Improved site speed and navigation have also vastly enhanced the user experience.

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