Education is no longer a predictable, linear journey. These days, it’s much more of a ‘choose your own adventure story’.

More than ever before, students are dictating how, when and where they consume educational services.

The typical profile of a higher education student, in particular, has undergone phenomenal transformation. The stereotype of the 18-24 year-old uni student or apprentice has given way to a much broader cross-generational further learning population. 

The challenge for service providers is finding a way to communicate with such a diverse audience that resonates with each individual’s personal circumstances, life stage and tech savviness. The one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

You need to be able to segment audiences and tailor information to their needs, and you need to be able to deliver it fast. With a large number of educational clients in our portfolio, we’re familiar with the issues you face. We’re experts in managing large volumes of data, integrating third party systems, automating routine tasks, and creating user journeys that help your audience quickly find the information they need.

And the proof?

A snapshot of our work

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Insurance and finance industry professional association ANZIIF wanted to elevate the member experience on its Sitecore website.

Two students using a piece of machinary

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways

This streamlined site is an amalgamation of two complex sites into one, where the journey is tailored to the needs of discrete user groups.

Melbourne Business School home page on a desktop

Melbourne Business School

Home to leading executive education programs, Melbourne Business School needed a website that would match the calibre of its courses.

William Angliss About page on a tablet

William Angliss Institute

William Angliss Institute needed a website that would be a best-in-class competitive tool against universities, TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations.

Image showing DUSA website on a mobile phone

Deakin University Student Association

Luminary has created an innovative, multi-device experience for today's digitally native university students.

Four young people looking at their mobile phones

AusAppPathways App

The Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service needed to create a mobile-friendly tool to help people make their chosen career a reality.

MLC students

Methodist Ladies' College

Methodist Ladies’ College needed a website that would provide a world-class user experience to match the quality of the education it provides.

Picture of a student standing in a classroom holding a Pearson textbook

Pearson Australia Schools

Pearson is a leader in the education publishing market, supporting over 25 million students across 70 different countries. The global dominance of this British-founded company has meant that most Australian students have used a Pearson textbook or digital resource as part of their primary, secondary or tertiary schooling.

It is difficult to imagine a more complex website rebuild than the task IIS and Luminary embarked on in late 2016. The site manages around 100,000 pieces of data and a wealth of purpose-built resources. Luminary’s design and technical teams came up with an approach that is enabling people’s access to information relevant to their decision making, and connecting them with the physical networks that can take their enquiry further. Luminary’s solution also ensures that this is happening on the platforms the individual prefers to use. Project implementation was incredibly smooth, with the ‘new site’ readily adopted in the field.

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