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Reliable and scalable hosting solutions to suit a broad range of organisational needs.

Your choice of web hosting provider can have important implications for the reliability and future scalability of your website. Making the right decision from the outset can save you a world of pain later.

When it comes to hosting a website, there are four main options: Shared, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated, and Cloud. Each option comes with its own pros and cons. However if you are looking to host an enterprise level website where you need a high level of uptime and performance, your best option is most likely going to be Cloud hosting. At Luminary, we recommend hosting with Microsoft Azure's PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offering, particularly for websites built on ASP.NET platforms such as Kentico, Episerver or Sitecore.

The key benefits of Cloud hosting are:

  • Control - high level of control over the hosting environment
  • Flexibility - high degree of flexibility in terms of changing the memory, RAM and compute power
  • Security - provides a high degree of security 
  • Scalability - can be easily scaled up – or down – to deal with traffic spikes
  • Redundancy - high degree of redundancy to cope in the event of hardware failure.

The only potential drawbacks of Cloud hosting are that it can be expensive to set up, especially compared with Shared hosting, and requires significant technical expertise to implement. However, for most medium-to-large enterprises, these trade-offs are worth the benefits that Cloud hosting has to offer.

Microsoft Azure

Why Microsoft Azure?

Luminary has worked with all of the leading Cloud hosting vendors and our preferred partner is Microsoft Azure. The key benefits of Azure versus the other Cloud players are:

  • Best of breed Cloud hosting provider – Azure has been named as a ‘Leader’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud hosting.
  • Fast, zero downtime deployments – Azure’s configuration options allow for very easy, zero downtime deployments by switching instances with a press of a button.
  • Ability to rapidly scale up and out – Azure’s configuration options also allow for rapid changes to be applied, manually, or automatically to an instance, whether that be adding additional RAM or CPUs, or adding in additional services to deal with an increase in traffic. 
  • Backed by a large-scale multinational enterprise – As a Microsoft platform, Azure offers the peace of mind of being backed by a reputable multinational company. 
  • Geo-replication opportunities – Azure offers geo-replication opportunities for best practice disaster recovery, with the option to deploy to any of 52 regions worldwide, including 4 in Australia.

Azure hosting with Luminary

While Azure offers many benefits, implementation can be complex for those with limited experience of the platform. At Luminary, we have developed processes that allow us to deliver zero-downtime deployments for our clients, thus reducing the need for expensive maintenance outages. 

Our Hosting and DevOps team bridges the gap between Azure and clients, giving you a trusted point of contact for all website hosting relating support issues. Our role is to make sure Azure works for your website (or other application), including proactive monitoring and performance optimisation.

Why host your ASP.NET site on Azure?

Luminary is one of the world’s most experienced implementers of ASP.NET websites, including Kentico, Episerver and Sitecore. A shared .NET technology framework makes Azure the perfect hosting partner for websites built on these platforms. Azure’s native support for ASP.NET also means we can provide hosting for ASP.NET sites without the overhead of managing a virtual machine (PaaS vs IaaS). This means less overheads (with the handy flow-on effect of less cost to you, the client), faster setup times and faster deployment. 

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

We also provide hosting services and advice to clients with ASP.NET websites hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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