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Brown Brothers – an icon of the Australian wine industry – wanted to find a way to bring a bit of fun into the process of selecting wine. 


Brown Brothers


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How We Helped:

The challenge

Through consumer research, Brown Brothers had identified a disconnect between the way wine had typically been marketed, and the way consumers actually chose their wine. The research indicated that traditional tasting notes were just not hitting the mark with the younger wine-drinking market. The brand needed to find a way to ‘think outside the bottle’ to reach this demographic.

Colourful Conversations website on a mobile device

The solution

Enter the wine mood wheel, a fun and interactive tool designed to help consumers select wine based on their mood. The mood wheel is essentially the centrepiece of the site. 

Colourful Conversations website on a laptop device
Colourful Conversations website on a tablet device

Another key feature is the digital extension of the campaign’s dinner party conversation starter cards. Site visitors are able to view the conversation starter questions and add their own answers. Integration of the questions with Brown Brothers’ Facebook page has also allowed the conversation to be amplified in social media. The best of these responses are then displayed on the site. The site also features inspirational blog posts including recipes, wine and styling tips.

Colourful Conversations website on a laptop device

The result

The campaign site has been widely acknowledged through industry awards including: Winner of the Innovation and Commercial categories of the 2015 Australian Web Awards; Gold Award Winner of the Food and Beverage, Visual Appeal and Lifestyle categories of the 2015 Communicator Awards; Gold Award Winner at the 2015 Melbourne Design Awards and Official Honoree in the Advertising: Food and Beverage category of the 2016 Webby Awards.

It’s important to have trust and mutual respect in any agency you work with and I can say that I have this with the team at Luminary. Having the confidence to know I have experts on-hand who are just as capable and happy to provide advice on day-to-day issues as working together to build and implement a full digital strategy. It’s always a pleasure collaborating with the team at Luminary.

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