Wicahya Bagus

Front-End Developer

B. IT & Systems (Applications Development) (Monash)

Wicahya is a graphic and web designer turned Front End Developer, with a holistic understanding of the development process.

Wicahya joins Luminary with extensive development experience, falling into the profession after working for startups and taking on several roles including graphic designer and web designer. These positions have allowed Wicahya to excel in his role as a Front End Developer, with a deep understanding of how best to work with UI/UX teams, and what the client is looking for from kick-off to final presentation. 

Wicahya's areas of expertise include React, Angular, WordPress, Firebase, and GraphQL. He thrives in positions and projects where he gets to hone his skills and learn from other team members in Luminary across the business. 

You'll find Wicahya playing his guitar in his spare time or perfecting his coffee brewing craft. He also enjoys drawing and gaming.

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Quick facts about Wicahya

Favourite emoji


Star sign


Chinese zodiac


Inspired by

Linus Sebastian, who turned his passion for technology into an online empire.

Fun fact

Wie enjoys diving into new areas of interest, like Small Form Factor PCs.

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