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For close to three decades, EBM RentCover has been working with landlords and property professionals to best protect investments and incomes. Having developed one of Australia’s first landlord insurance policies, EBM RentCover educates potential policyholders about the value of aligning with a specialist landlord insurance provider and currently protects more than 150,000 rental properties across Australia. It was seeking a new website to better reflect the culture and values that rest at the heart of the business.




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The challenge

The company needed a new website that would reflect its new brand. The site needed to be designed, built, tested and deployed within three months. Being late was not an option.

EBM RentCover’s existing site, built on WordPress, was quite difficult to navigate and not mobile-friendly. It was also problematic for staff to maintain – requiring a lot of assistance from developers. 

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What we did

It was decided that an Agile project methodology would be the best way to achieve the client’s aims in such a short timeframe. Online Kanban and collaboration tools facilitated a completely new way of working for EBM RentCover – one that resulted in a seamless design and build process, with super fast response times.

The first stage was an intensive series of discovery workshops with EBM RentCover’s marketing and IT teams. This helped to uncover strategic goals, user personas and user stories, and to ensure that all stakeholders were aligned on the desired outcome. 

One of the insights that came out of this process was the need to simplify the content to help users find information more easily. To address this, the information architecture was completely revised and the main navigation menu reduced from more than 10 items down to five. A new section, called Info Centre, was created to bring together a vast number of reports that were once extremely difficult to sort through, into a format that is now highly searchable.

Control over the site has been put back into the hands of EBM RentCover’s content administrators through the use of Kentico’s flexible, modular content blocks. 

Luminary also streamlined the online quotation process to make it much faster and to display all of the questions upfront, rather than requiring the user to step through them one by one. This improved the user experience by enabling them to see how far along the process they were, and what questions were coming up. 

RentCover quotation engine on mobile

The result

This project resulted in a complete website rebuild in an extremely short space of time, and to an extremely high degree of client satisfaction. The use of Agile methodology prompted regular design feedback. The need for design variations were detected and addressed early, which minimised surprises in the formal testing. This helped to avoid any unnecessary backtracking or time wastage. 

The company’s content administrators are delighted with their new Kentico CMS and the efficiencies it has created. One of the key advantages in terms of content administration is that the staff can now schedule changes to occur at a specific date and time, and bulk upload changes into a spreadsheet. This has been particularly advantageous for rate changes based on regulatory changes that often take place in the middle of the night. 

The new site also offers a far better user experience on mobile phones and other devices.

Luminary’s understanding of our needs, its body of work, integrity and refreshing client testimonials were critical to our decision to engage the agency. That integrity and approach continued right throughout the project, and helped ensure any challenges were resolved for the good of both parties. Our new site is fantastic. It’s user-friendly yet simple and scalable. The future is bright.
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