Em Stewart

Senior Producer

Em is a can-do producer who brings equal measures of tenacity and wit to her work.

Em has been working in digital since 2001, beginning her career as a web designer. Over the years she has been a front-end developer, business analyst, traffic manager, production manager, product owner and producer. She describes her approach as "hands-on project manager" or "herder of cats". She thrives when working with passionate developers and clients, endeavouring to make all projects fun for everyone involved.

Em taught herself HTML when she was 13 because she knew she wanted to build websites. By 21, she was leading a web design team. Realising that she's "not good with the hard-split between work and personal life" she says she needs to feel like her workmates are her family.

When she's not herding cats at work, she likes hanging out with her own cat at home, doing paint-by-numbers, and tumbling the patriarchy.

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Quick facts about Em

Favourite emoji


Star sign


Chinese zodiac


Inspired by

Sloths – "because they have no natural predators as they've evolved to ensure their meat tastes terrible. I respect that."

Fun fact

If Em wasn't working in IT, she says she'd probably be desperately trying to make it in the comedy sketch writing industry.

Em is an ICAgile Certified Professional.

Picture of an IC Agile certification badge

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