Hadi Wijaya

Senior Developer

B.Comp (Indonesia)

Hadi is an experienced developer who specialises in Kentico Xperience.

Hadi started his professional career in 2010 as a developer at one of Indonesia’s biggest software companies. He later moved to a digital agency in Bali as a Certified Kentico Xperience Developer and mobile app developer certified in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. When he’s not doing digital things, Hadi likes to play musical instruments. He’s also partial to a bit of karaoke, travelling and photography.

Hadi Wijaya

Quick facts about Hadi

Favourite emoji


Star sign


Chinese zodiac


Inspired by

Ajahn Brahm,  a British-Australian Theravada Buddhist monk, for his inspiration and teachings on Buddhism.

Fun fact

Hadi loves to eat any kind of Chinese food.

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