E-commerce and Retail

E-commerce and retail

One of the most critical success factors for players in the online shopping sector, according to Industry analyst IBISWorld, is the early adoption of new technology.

With growth in online shopping now significantly outpacing that of bricks-and-mortar retail, it’s an exciting time to be in e-commerce.

But the arrival of retail behemoth Amazon, and the proliferation of home-based e-commerce start-ups (operating on little more than the cost of keeping the lights on), has meant Aussie retailers are feeling the pinch from both the big and small ends of town. Add to this the pressure of trying to keep up with the explosion of e-commerce systems and trends like mobile and social commerce, and it’s easy to see why many retailers are feeling overwhelmed. 

In e-commerce, there is no room for error. Consumers are handing over confidential financial information and they need to be sure that your systems and security are rock-solid. You can’t afford to have an outdated point-of-sale or PIM system. And you need to be constantly innovating to ensure that you’re maximising your sales opportunities. 

Luminary has worked with leading Australian retailers, including Snooze and Brown Brothers, to transform their e-commerce operations. We provide the knowledge and advice you need to make sense of the chaos – so you can focus on driving more sales.

We had to release this site with the product launch so it was a fixed release date. Luminary were able to buy into our urgency and our need to be able to deliver a high quality product in a short amount of time, which was testament to their willingness to go above and beyond for their clients.

- Mark Connor, former Digital Manager, QSR International

People Sarah Dam



Front End Developer

Sarah is Luminary's longest-serving front end developer.

People Sang Truong




Sang is a .NET developer who lives and breathes technology, even when he's not at work.

People Adam Griffith



Managing Director

Adam is a trusted advisor for our clients, and welcomes new clients to the Luminary community.

People Andy Thompson pulling a funny face




As our CTO, Andy heads up our developer teams, platforms and technology strategy.

People Tony Duan



Senior Web Developer

Tony has a well-honed ability to analyse a client's business goals and challenges, and then translate them into innovative technical solutions.

People Tess French



Design Director

Tess has been creating parts of the internet for more than 12 years and is completely in love with the digital medium.

People Emmanual Tissera



Technical Lead

As Technical Lead, Emmanuel works across a range of projects and provides leadership and mentoring to junior developers.


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Our guide to Kentico's Online Marketing Solution


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Content Spreadsheet for Google Calendar

This incredibly clever Google spreadsheet allows you to automatically sync your content ideas to a Google calendar.

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