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Luminary is the APAC Solution Partner of the Year for Optimizely (formerly Episerver).

Luminary is a leading Optimizely Solution Partner

Luminary has been named Optimizely's APAC Solution Partner of the Year for two consecutive years.

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Led by Optimizely MVP Ynze Nunnink, Luminary hosts one of the strongest Optimizely development teams in Australia. Our Optimizely expertise covers a wide range of industries, including charities and NFPs, education, health, automotive, professional services, and financial services. Alongside Optimizely development, Luminary also offers discovery, digital strategy, design, UX, content, SEO and analytics services.

Our Optimizely expertise

A snapshot of our Optimizely awards, projects and blog posts.

Our Optimizely experts

Our experienced team of Optimizely strategists, designers and developers will guide you to get the best out of the platform.

Optimizely is recognised as a Leader in Gartner’s WCM Magic Quadrant, as well as being named in the Magic Quadrants for Digital Commerce and Horizontal Portals. Optimizely is also an International Association of Microsoft Cloud Partners Winner.

Optimizely DXP features and benefits


  • Optimizely developers can quickly build an online store, fully integrated with the store experience and connected to other business systems.
  • Have full control over the brand and product experience with rich product content seamlessly blended with editorial content.
  • Handle seasonal and campaign peaks with ease through elastic scaling in the cloud. 

Digital marketing

  • Take advantage of behavioural profiling and machine learning functionalities.
  • Automatically generate landing pages.
  • Create smart content with personalisation based on website interactions and search behaviour.
  • Leverage customer profiles and data through predictive analytics.
  • Seamlessly connect with existing digital marketing platforms, including HubSpot, Marketo and Eloqua.

Machine learning (Artificial Intelligence)

  • Present individualised content and product selections in multiple channels, without complicated configuration using Episerver's combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistical analysis.


  • Utilise the platform’s modular framework for extensibility and scalability.

Speed to market

  • Launch your project faster by leveraging the efficiencies of a cloud-based platform. 

Headless content management

The Optimizely CMS supports headless capabilities by providing additional features to its traditional content management suite. Its headless and traditional features can be used in tandem, providing a range of competitive benefits over other headless-only platforms.

The following headless capabilities are available in the CMS from day one.

  • Context-free editing features in the CMS UI
  • Headless API technologies to support multi-channel content delivery
  • Mature and reliable infrastructure called Cloud Services
  • 24h support services

For more details about Optimizely headless CMS, read our blog post 'Optimizely as a headless CMS'.

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