Chris Coppin

Solution Architect

Diploma Information Technology IV (Box Hill Tafe)

Chris adds the magic that brings functionality to pretty designs and markup.

A veritable ninja when it comes to data, Chris designs and maintains the solution architecture for some of our clients' most complex and business-critical systems. He has been with Luminary since 2009 and has established himself as a trusted adviser and partner to some of our key clients. He specialises in digital transformations, including being instrumental in restructuring the data and business systems to facilitate Snooze's move to e-commerce. He has also worked with a large construction equipment hire company to transform their paper-based docketing system into an electronic system. 

Prior to joining Luminary, Chris worked on both web and application business systems in a range of industries, including currency exchange, banking and telecoms. Outside of work he likes to read science fiction and play board games with friends.

Chris Coppin

Quick facts about Chris

Favourite emoji


Star sign


Chinese zodiac


Inspired by

Many people - from work colleagues who have a great attitude and drive for their craft, to family members who keep him grounded and sane, and a litany of famous and not so famous people who offer inspiration through how they work or live.

Fun fact

Chris has always built his own computers and recently completed his first hard tube water cooled system.

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