Digital Strategy

Digital strategy

Luminary offers more than just a set of isolated and unconnected digital solutions. Clients come to us because they need a strategic business partner to help shape their digital landscape – that’s one of the reasons we are able to celebrate such long term relationships with them.

We bring together the right mix of people, with the right technical and strategic knowledge, to help you make an impact.

The world is dynamic. So why shouldn’t your strategy be? At Luminary we refer to this as ‘agile everywhere’.  And when you work with us, there is a continuous delivery of insights and outcomes in line with our agency agile methodology. This agile delivery of all of our services mirrors both the external environment and often the transformation that our clients’ businesses are simultaneously going though.

We recognise that every client is unique but you wouldn't employ an agency and not expect them to apply their experience and (tried and tested) processes to your organisation. That’s why we have a blueprint for good strategy development. It enables us to facilitate effective discussions across stakeholder groups and lead the structured and informed development of new ideas; encouraging participation from broad groups of people - both internal and external to the organisation. Once we’ve explored what’s possible, we work with you to set the priorities and craft a plan to make it happen.

Research and discovery

Small or large, every single Luminary project starts with Research & Discovery; the basis for which is our 7 pillars framework. This is a structured approach, reviewing the organisation’s digital health holistically and indexing its activities from seven core perspectives.

Customer experience

One of the first and most important things to understand is who we’re creating solutions for and what problems need to be solved. We call this persona development. We create robust and tangible customer profiles based on research and data that can be used organisation-wide.

External analysis

If it doesn't exist already, we’ll recommend an assessment of the factors outside your organisation that might impact success. This includes competitor and comparator reviews, and an evaluation of the external marketplace trends from a digital perspective.

Roadmap development

In this collaborative process, we frame the journey, building the backbone of the work to be done by grouping tasks into topics or themes. Particular artefacts are usually developed at this stage as a result of the activities undertaken, including a Customer Experience Map which becomes our single source of truth for the project.

Ongoing strategic support

In order to respond to emerging trends and unforeseen changes in the marketplace, our perspective on the strategy development process is that it is an ongoing series of ad hoc, topic-specific conversations. This means we work with our clients to re-prioritise and roadmap periodically. 

Metricon Homes

Australia's most trusted new home builder wanted an engaging, responsive online presence that would surprise and delight.

Head Start – Clipsal Consumer Promotion

Clipsal by Schneider Electric was looking for a creative way to expand its subscriber database.


Schneider Electric was looking for a tool that would completely revolutionise the way it went to market with its electrical distribution boards.


Part of the global Steinhoff group, Snooze has undergone a dramatic brand overhaul in the past 20 years from the budget-focused Capt'n Snooze to the more lifestyle-focused, premium Snooze brand.

Client EBM RentCover

We undertook a program of discovery activities including internal consultations, user story mapping, UX research and a technical review. These assets and insights created the foundation for the delivery phase of the new website.

Client NGS Super - detailed client listing

Through a series of workshops we gathered insights from staff across the organisation to develop a roadmap for the new website alongside a customer journey map, which is the universal reference point for all customer engagement activity.

Client LUCRF Super - detailed client listing

LUCRF wanted to improve member engagement. Over several months we undertook UX research to engage directly with members. We also undertook a series of workshops with senior stakeholders from each business unit along with activities including interaction design and content design.

Client Goodman Fielder - detailed client description

Food company Goodman Fielder’s mission was to increase awareness of its offering and integrate its website with its e-commerce solution. Through engaging with regional stakeholders and understanding variations in operating models, we developed a roadmap to unify the digital experience.

How to do a content audit

How to do a content audit

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A content audit can be a really valuable exercise to identify ways to improve the performance of your website and highlight gaps and opportunities. Here, we offer some guidance on how to do it – along with a downloadable content audit template.

How to perform a website audit

How to perform a website audit

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How to brief a digital agency

How to brief a digital agency

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Whether you’re briefing your existing agency or inviting new agencies to respond to a request for proposal, there are certain ‘rules of the game’ that will help you drive the best possible result. This blog post features a downloadable sample digital agency brief to help you get off on the right foot.

Creating a digital strategy roadmap

Creating a digital strategy roadmap

Liam Thomas

By Liam Thomas, Strategy 6 minute read

A good roadmap not only outlines what you want to achieve with your digital strategy, but sets out the detail of how you're going to get there. Here we provide guidance on how to do it, along with a downloadable Digital Roadmap Toolkit.


Smarter Digital Marketing

Our guide to Xperience by Kentico

Selecting a digital agency? Read this first...

Selecting a digital agency? Read this first...

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Content Services

Content Spreadsheet for Google Calendar

This incredibly clever Google spreadsheet allows you to automatically sync your content ideas to a Google calendar.

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