Bridget Van Soest

Senior Digital Producer

B.Com (Marketing and Information Systems) (University of Auckland)

Bridget is an experienced and supportive Digital Producer who sets her teams up to excel and perform as an effective unit.

There are few roles that Bridget hasn't held and mastered in her career, enjoying previous positions as Marketing Manager, Copywriter, Client Services Lead and a Producer for television, radio, print and animation. Bridget's experience allows her to understand and anticipate all outcomes within an agency environment, so she can advocate for her team and champion client needs.

Bridget studied Marketing and Information Systems, with her area of expertise being websites and digital, with a passion for experiential technology, VR and AR. Bridget is passionate about using tech to make life easier for users, through seamless UX and UI, and has enhanced every project she has worked on at Luminary.

A career highlight for Bridget was being the Production lead on an award-winning augmented reality app (Save Freddo), and also producing the first end-to-end digital judging experience for the Melbourne Cup Fashions on the Field competition. In her spare time, Bridget enjoys copywriting, marketing for her family's pizza dough business, cooking (particularly passionate about Korean food) and being a mum to her plants, dog and children (not necessarily in that order).

Picture of Bridget standing in front of a large black screen

Quick facts about Bridget

Favourite emoji


Star sign


Chinese zodiac


Inspired by

Jacinda Ardern (ex-PM of New Zealand), as she is a perfect example of a woman unapologetically holding space and doing good for the world around her.

Fun fact

Bridget has a hypermobility disorder so her skin and joints are super bendy! 

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