Danielle Ryder

Senior Digital Producer

B Com (University of Sydney)

Danielle approaches her work as a producer with professionalism and sound commercial judgement.

Danielle is a highly motivated project manager known for delivering projects that empower teams through frequent communication and enjoyable team engagement. Having cut her teeth in the corporate Finance sector, Danielle worked for large consulting teams such as KPMG, PwC, Origin Energy and Suncorp, before transitioning into a strategy role.

Danielle's strategy prowess served her in future roles and projects which included the successful delivery of a SaaS concept that helped the client understand their building utilisation which reduced their property portfolio and saved significant costs. Danielle was also instrumental in launching the award-winning UNICEF Australia website. A background in corporate, analytics and transactional services makes Danielle an asset to Luminary as she can anticipate the needs of the client and utilise that understanding to ensure we deliver them the best experience. 

In Danielle's free time she enjoys baking with her kids, running, playing soccer, bingeing Netflix or planning her next holiday.

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Quick facts about Danielle

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Inspired by

Her children, as they inspire Danielle to be the best version of herself, to embrace her mistakes, to be proud of her achievements and to have fun along the way.

Fun fact

As well as being a talented Digital Producer, Danielle is a Nutrition Health Coach who specialises in coeliac disease.

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