Financial services

For most people, dealing with finances is something that falls into the category of Tedious Life Necessity. So until they have a need to engage with you, it can be difficult to get people’s attention.

A significant life event like a change of job, a new house purchase, or a pending retirement can be a good indication that someone might be in the right headspace to reconsider their financial affairs.

And of course, there are the systematic triggers, like the expiry of a financial arrangement. All of these scenarios can present a risk of attrition; however if handled well, they can also be turned into an opportunity. But first you need to have the right technologies in place, and someone to guide you on how to use them in a way that doesn’t overstep the boundaries.

Luminary specialises in turning our financial clients’ fine print into fine customer experiences. We’ll help you create timely and transparent communications that engender trust and confidence in your business, providing greater value to both you and your customers.

And the proof?

A snapshot of our work

MBA people in meeting

Maple-Brown Abbott

Maple-Brown Abbott is one of Australia’s leading privately-owned investment management firms.

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Insurance and finance industry professional association ANZIIF wanted to elevate the member experience on its Sitecore website.

LUCRF home page


Underpinned by a comprehensive discovery phase, this project resulted in a site that is genuinely user centric.

Picture of legalsuper team in a meeting in black and white


legalsuper approached Luminary following a significant brand refresh and was faced with the predicament of redesigning and redeveloping their existing website or investing in a new build on a more suitable technical platform to suit their future needs.

Image showing Hume Bank website on a mobile phone

Hume Bank

Hume Bank needed a world-class site that would appeal to a broad customer base.

Vanguard Investment Chart imagery

Vanguard Index Chart Challenge

Investment advisory firm Vanguard wanted to find a creative way to promote its annual Index Chart tool.

NGS Super hero

NGS Super

NGS Super was looking for a platform that would provide security and stability, as well as empowering its staff to be self-sufficient in managing the site.

Image showing Seniors Australia website on mobile phone

Australian Seniors Insurance Agency

Australian Seniors Insurance Agency needed a site that made it easier for a mature audience to find information on insurance products and to contact the company.

Man and a dog looking out over a seaside town

Equip Super

Equip Super wanted to create a fresh, modern and responsive site that would facilitate personalised content in the future.

Code projected over a woman's face

6 min read

APRA CPS234: The pathway to compliance

A practical overview on what it takes to prepare for and become compliant with the APRA prudential standard for information security.

Liam Thomas
Liam Thomas

27 July 2020

6 minute read

Hume’s challenge online was to maintain a highly reputable brand built upon local expertise, personable service and community support as traditionally expressed via our offline channels. With online now a primary (and at times only) means of interaction with our customers, picking the right agency to meet this challenge was crucial. Right from the kick off meeting and throughout the project, we were confident in our choice with the Luminary team. The team were collaborative in their approach, communicative, transparent, and willing to accommodate change as it arose; culminating in a design that satisfied our brief precisely.

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Check out the handy resources below for downloadable guides, checklists and templates to help you achieve your digital goals.

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8 min read

How to choose the right CMS

You’ve decided you need a new Content Management System – but where do you start in deciding which one to go with? Here, we distill our learnings over the past two decades of advising clients on choosing digital platforms. We’ve even included a downloadable comparison matrix for you to rank contending CMS or DXP options.

Adam Griffith
Adam Griffith

29 July 2022

8 minute read

Toolbox with a number of digital apps and tools inside

9 min read

Building a martech stack

Selecting a martech stack can be overwhelming. The right mix of products can be the make or break of an organisation’s digital strategy. Here, we share our insights and tips from many years of assisting clients with this daunting task. We also include our downloadable Martech Audit Matrix for you to audit your existing stack.

Adam Griffith
Adam Griffith

29 March 2022

9 minute read

Digital Roadmap

6 min read

How to create a digital strategy roadmap

A good strategic roadmap not only outlines what you want to achieve with your digital strategy, but sets out the detail of how you're going to get there. Here we provide guidance on how to do it, along with a downloadable Digital Roadmap Toolkit.

Liam Thomas
Liam Thomas

01 February 2019

6 minute read

Laptop screen showing Google analytics page with coffee cup in the background

5 min read

How to perform a website audit

Conducting a website audit sounds like a really big, scary, time-consuming chore, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve simplified the task for you with six key areas to assess – along with a downloadable checklist full of useful questions, tips and tools.

Adam Griffith
Adam Griffith

20 April 2018

5 minute read

Brief Digital Agency

6 min read

How to brief a digital agency

Whether you’re briefing your existing agency or inviting new agencies to respond to a request for proposal, there are certain ‘rules of the game’ that will help you drive the best possible result. This blog post features a downloadable digital agency briefing template to help you get off on the right foot.

Liam Thomas
Liam Thomas

24 February 2017

6 minute read

Image of a statue head with microservices icons coming out of it

Everything you need to know if you're considering migrating your website from a traditional CMS to a headless CMS.

Cartoon-style image of a woman interacting with a product interface

A Guide to Digital Product Design

Everything you need to know if you're considering developing and launching a digital product.

Content Audit

5 min read

Why conducting a content audit is essential

Performing a content audit is a crucial step in optimising a website's performance. It can help identify outdated or irrelevant content, identify content gaps, improve SEO efforts, enhance user experience, and save time and resources.

Victoria Whatmore
Victoria Whatmore

31 July 2023

5 minute read

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