Allen Chen

Senior Front End Developer

B.Eng. (Software Engineering)(The University of Auckland), M.B.A.(ANU)

Allen is an experienced Front End Developer, with a career that has so far spanned three continents. Allen's professional career began in New Zealand back in 2006.

Since then, he has worked in Hong Kong, Auckland and Canberra before finally settling in Melbourne. His roles have included Business Systems Analyst, SQL Database Administrator, .NET specialist and PHP full-stack developer. At Luminary, he focuses his passion for web development purely on front-end development. Front End technologies that Allen is proficient in include: HTML, Handlebar, MJM, CSS, SASS, LESS, JS, JQuery, Node, React, Typescript and Jest. 

Allen has a self-confessed short attention span when it comes to hobbies. His recent interests have seen him playing indie games, writing automated bot scripts and designing his own board game, as well as cooking, watching horror flicks with his wife and spending time at gym. 

Allen Chen

Quick facts about Allen

Favourite emoji


Star sign


Chinese zodiac


Inspired by

Musician-turned-comedian Bo Burnham – for his musical and lyrical talent, but also for staying true to himself and having the will to leave the music industry at his peak, when he realised it wasn't the path he wanted to follow.

Fun fact

Allen speaks English with Chinese accent and Mandarin with a New Zealand accent.

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