Ayu Laksmita

Web Developer

B.E.E (Electrical Engineering) (Udayana University, Bali)

Ayu is an experienced software engineer and an asset to the Bali development team.

In a previous role as software engineer, Ayu worked on developing and maintaining mining integrated solution suites and desktop applications that provided 3D computer-aided geological modelling. Ayu moved on to work as a back end developer on a Sitecore project and now uses these skills at Luminary. Ayu loves spending time at the beach and can often be found walking along the shoreline or just sitting on the sand enjoying the sea breeze.

Quick facts about Ayu

Favorite emoji


Star sign

♌ Leo

Chinese zodiac

🐎 Horse

Inspired by

Her grandpa - for always caring, loving, inspiring, and never failing to put smile on people's faces. 

Fun fact

Ayu likes spicy food, but will NOT eat chilli sauce...