Carolyn Battin

Training Manager

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Applied Science

As Training Manager, Carolyn organises our Friday afternoon knowledge sharing sessions and coordinates formal professional training.

She is also involved in the onboarding of new employees. In this capacity, she draws on her vast knowlege of the roles and history of Luminary, having been with the agency since 2006. Carolyn's first 10 years with Luminary were spent working as a Senior Project Manager. Her roles both in and out of the workplace have evolved significantly since then. These days her 'spare' time is spent focusing on life administration as a Household CEO. She also offers armchair therapy to family and friends and can frequently be seen chauffeuring small people around while DJ'ing the hottest tunes from Emma Wiggle.

Caroline Battin

Quick facts about Carolyn

Favourite emoji


Star sign


Chinese zodiac


Inspired by

Melinda Gates, because people say you can't change a man, but she did. 

Fun fact

The most exotic place Carolyn has ever eaten Vegemite toast was in a goat tent in the Sahara desert. 

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