Amelia Davis

Front End Developer

Diploma of Information Technology (Coder Academy)

Amelia is a highly motivated and self-driven developer with a background in event management.

Driven by a long-time passion for technology, Amelia made the switch from Event Manager to Front End Developer during the pandemic. She loves the fact that she's always learning something new as a developer and finding ways to bring her problem-solving and analytical skills to her role. 

As an Event Manager, Amelia worked on a wide range of events both large and small, from the Royal Air Show to conventions and weddings – often brushing shoulders with celebrities. Her experience in events has equipped her with acutely honed organisational skills and an ability to perform well under pressure. 

In her spare time, Amelia is a self-confessed binge watcher and avid gamer. She also likes to keep herself fit.

Amelia Davis

Quick facts about Amelia

Favourite emoji


Star sign


Chinese zodiac


Inspired by

Amelia is inspired by people who have endured hardships and have been able to come out on top stronger than ever.

Fun fact

There is a book written (in Russian) about Amelia's family and how they escaped Russia during the Second World War. Her name is even mentioned in the book! 

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