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Clipsal by Schneider Electric

Clipsal by Schneider Electric is a leader in the electrical accessories market. The company wanted to revamp its website to optimise its customers’ online experience and to better showcase its product range. 


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Clipsal on laptop

The challenge

Luminary designed and built a website for Clipsal in 2013. Since that time, much had changed in the way people use the web and it was time for the site to evolve.

A comprehensive UX review of the existing site revealed that it was failing to give users an optimal experience in a number of ways:

  1. The navigation was not as clear as it could be
  2. The delineation between trade and home-owner targeted sections of the site were not actually reflective of the way users were consuming content on the site, which led to people switching between the two
  3. The audience selection page (trade v home-owner) had a high bounce rate
  4. Site flow was confusing and non-standard
  5. There were three kinds of product detail pages, introducing unnecessary complexity
  6. The design did not accommodate changing screen sizes
  7. Site performance issues were putting its search ranking at risk.

Having developed the original website for Clipsal, as well as providing a range of other successful digital services since, Luminary was well positioned to take on this new challenge.

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What we did

The first point of action for the Clipsal website was a platform upgrade from Kentico 7 to Kentico 10. This move provided many performance and maintenance improvements, such as content personalisation and prioritisation enhancements, the ability to simply add new functionality via Kentico Extensions, a 50 percent increase in initial page load speed, automated testing and responsive image management.

Tackling the main challenge of streamlining the path to purchase for anyone who visited the site was achieved through three primary changes.

First of all, product information was consolidated so that it was no longer split into separate sections targeting electricians and home-owners. All product details were collated into one page with some information hidden for users without the appropriate permissions.

Secondly, a standard e-commerce flow was included on all product pages to guide users through an easy purchase experience. If a customer likes the look of a product, they can now add it straight to their cart or be directed to the place of purchase.

Finally, the catalogue was redesigned for simple navigation. The language describing different products was simplified so that any customer could find what they were looking for and display pages were designed to showcase unique product ranges.

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The result

The site has been extremely well received by Clipsal’s internal stakeholders as well as the market. The ease of use and improved user experience have also contributed to greater user engagement. Comparing the six months post launch with the same time in the previous year, average time on page increased by 60 percent (up from 1 minute to 1 minute 40 seconds) and bounce rate went down by 10 percent. In the words of Sam Youssif, Director of Digital Customer Experience for Schneider Electric, “The new site has set a very good foundation for us to continue to innovate and disrupt.”

As an associated brand of Schneider Electric and an Australian household name we were very particular in our choice of CMS vendor for the Clipsal web experience. Since 2014 Luminary have been the dev and design foundation upon which and, more recently, proudly stand. The team has grown from strength to strength in innovation, agility and commitment – no mean feat considering the number and complexity of globally mandated integrations to both sites. Luminary’s tireless efforts have paid off as the Clipsal and PDL sites have been defined as THE benchmark for the online retail experience within Schneider Electric. Great job team!
- Sharon Hatswell, Digital Customer Experience Developer, Schneider Electric Australia

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