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In a world of API-first cloud services and Headless CMS, a single platform may not satisfy the experience management needs of an organisation. A composable DXP is a set of complementary, tightly-integrated platforms that provide the same or greater power as a traditional DXP, but on a modern microservices architecture.

A Composable DXP is a carefully chosen set of best-of-breed applications and services, integrated together to provide a complete Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with all the features a traditional all-in-one DXP vendor could provide, and more, with no excess baggage.

Typically a composable DXP combines a decoupled or headless CMS with a range of best-of-breed third-party services such as CRM, ERP, marketing automation, testing and optimisation, or e-commerce, and modern web development approaches such as the Jamstack.

While this 'choose your own adventure' approach comes with its own set of challenges, when done properly and for the right application, it can unlock enormous benefits and efficiencies.

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If you know what you're doing (or you have an agency that does!), there are huge advantages to be gained from using a composable DXP approach, as opposed to a traditional DXP, says Luminary CTO Andy Thompson.

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What is a composable DXP?

What is a composable DXP?

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By Andy Thompson, 11 May 20227 minute read

As enterprises increasingly look to adopt Headless CMS, best-of-breed SaaS services, and API-first microservices architectures, the role of the traditional monolithic Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is gradually being reduced in many cases. Yet the requirement for a full suite of complementary digital marketing and experience management services remains. Enter: the composable DXP.

The real power of a Composable DXP comes from its individual components. Rather than making do with what a single platform vendor has included in their offering or supported integrations, you have the freedom to build your own platform from the very best services in each category of your marketing technology stack.

A diagram of composable DXP integrated services with Kontent at the centre

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