Erian Suwandi

Senior Developer & Team Lead

Bachelor of Computers (Informatics) (Universitas Komputer Indonesia)

Erian is a skilled .NET Developer, Microsoft Certified in Azure Fundamentals, AWS Cloud Practitioner, and certified as a Sitecore XM Cloud Developer.

Throughout his career, Erian has held roles such as Lead Software Developer, Associate Software Development Manager and Product Manager. Erian is no stranger to headless CSM, having created a headless CMS product early in his career, which empowered him to become a more versatile software developer.ย Erian is certified as a Sitecore XM Cloud Developer and is Microsoft Certified in Azure Fundamentals.

Developing web applications using C# is one of Erian's real strengths, and he enjoys getting lost in creating REST API and MVC web applications. Obtaining his Microsoft Certified Professional (Programming in C#) and AWS Cloud Practitioner level has been a career highlight so far for Erian, although he looks forward to getting stuck into large, complex projects in the future.

When Erian isn't solving problems online, he can be found at the gym, jogging, swimming and connecting with nature.

Picture of Erian playing a guitar

Quick facts about Erian

Favourite emoji


Chinese zodiac


Inspired by

Simon Sinek, for his thought leadership, inspiring stories and the remarkable way he sees people. Erian's favourite quote by Simon Sinek is, "Be the leader you wish you had."

Fun fact

In college, Erian was a guitarist in an indie rock band in Bandung (Indonesia), with the band name translating to 'Bursting Balloons'. The vocalist in the band, Indah Kusuma, is now a rising solo star in Indonesia, but Erian was happy to trade the guitar for the keyboard and mouse.

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