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Kontent.ai – formerly known as Kentico Kontent – is a headless CMS with native AI functionality, that provides easy-to-use content management tools for marketers. Luminary is a Kontent.ai Premium Partner and a global leader in its implementation.

Our Kontent.ai expertise

Luminary has some of the most experienced headless CMS experts in the world, including Kontent.ai MVPs Andy and Adam, as well as Emmanuel, the developer of the first Kontent powered website in the world!

Kontent.ai is a Content as a Service (CaaS), or headless CMS offering. A headless (aka ‘decoupled’) CMS is one that allows you to separate the management of your content from the platform that displays it (e.g. website, app, in-store touch screen etc). A headless CMS gives you greater flexibility to create digital experiences beyond the web, and to embrace current and future omni-channel possibilities.

Why choose Luminary to implement Kontent.ai?

One of only four Kontent.ai Premium Partners worldwide, Luminary is a global leader in the implementation of Kontent.ai and the premier Kontent.ai in Australia. Led by CTO and Kontent.ai MVP Andy Thompson, Luminary’s development team directly supported Kentico Software in building the initial boilerplate for Kontent.ai and continues to be involved in testing and refining the platform.

Luminary is home to the most experienced Kontent.ai developers in Australia. One of Australia’s longest-standing independent digital agencies, Luminary’s longevity and depth of experience has earned it a reputation as the agency of choice for many of the biggest names in the Australian government, retail and corporate sectors.

Luminary has implemented Kontent.ai across a wide range of industries, including professional services, charities and NFPs, financial services, retail and tourism. 

Alongside Kontent.ai development, Luminary also offers discovery, digital strategy, design, UX, content, SEO and analytics services.

What sort of projects are suitable for Kontent.ai?

Kontent.ai is best suited to projects with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Omni-channel content delivery: Kontent.ai can provide excellent efficiency gains where content needs to be published across a number of channels – such as a website, mobile app and touch screens.
  • Composable DXP architecture: Kontent.ai is a dedicated content management microservice. As such, its feature set is limited in comparison to a traditional Digital Experience Platform (DXP). This makes best suited to being combined with other best-of-breed microservices as part of a Composable DXP architecture.
  • A need for speed: A headless CMS has the potential for increased speed to market, making it ideally suited to projects that need to launch quickly – for example campaign microsites. 
  • Design-driven: The flexibility to use any programming language to create a site or app removes technology restrictions and allows for the creation of a completely custom look and feel. This makes it particularly suitable for projects that are heavily design-driven, or governed by strict brand guidelines.

What are the benefits of a headless CMS?

There are a number of key benefits to having the ability to separate content management from content delivery:

  • Fast-tracks project timelines: With a traditional CMS, there is a high degree of dependency. In other words, one stage of the process cannot begin until another is complete. With a headless CMS, all members of the team can be working simultaneously, enabling speedier project delivery. 
  • Allows content to be managed from one location and delivered across multiple channels: A headless CMS eliminates the need to duplicate your content efforts for delivery across multiple channels. It provides a centralised source of content for distribution across a wide range of channels – including websites, mobile applications, touchscreens and a myriad of internet-enabled devices. 
  • Offers more design flexibility: With a headless CMS, you have the flexibility to create the presentation layer of your digital experience with any tools or programming language you like. So unlike Kentico Xperience, Kontent.ai allows developers to branch out beyond the .NET framework (e.g. PHP, React.js or native apps).

We're home to Australia's only Kontent.ai MVPs

Kontent.ai's MVP program is a celebration and acknowledgement of the community members that have made significant contributions to Kontent.ai's customers, and the tech community as a whole. MVP's are carefully selected with these leaders and innovators spread globally and catergorised as Technology MVPs, Strategy MVPs and Ambassador MVPS. At Luminary, we have two Kontent.ai MVPs who are the only Australian MVPs! 

Luminary's CTO, Andy Thompson is one of six Technology MVPS, and Managing Director, Adam Griffith is one of five Strategy MVPs. Not only does Luminary have a team of Kontent.ai application professionals, but we are leaders in the field.

What effect does a headless CMS have on your workflow?

By completely decoupling the CMS from your presentation layer - for example your website or mobile app - there is less stepping on toes, and teams can work concurrently far more effectively.

Traditional Project Workflow diagram
Kontent.ai Project Workflow

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