Bringing home the bling!

Our work for Brown Brothers, QSR and the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency has been recognised in the 2016 Communicator Awards.

Tami Iseli

By Tami Iseli 1 minute read

Five shiny new Communicator Award trophies are on their way to Luminary HQ after the winners were announced in the 22nd Annual Communicator Awards. Three of our sites received awards – Brown Brothers, Australian Seniors Insurance Agency, and QSR International.

The trophy haul included two Gold Awards (for Brown Brothers in the Visual Appeal category and Australian Seniors Insurance Agency for Structure and Navigation) as well as three Silver Awards (one for Brown Brothers in Food and Beverage, and two for QSR International in the Computer/IT: Software and Home Page categories).

The Communicator Awards is an annual competition honouring the best in advertising, corporate communications, public relations and digital from around the world. The awards are judged by the US-based Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts and are among the largest of their kind. This year's awards attracted more than 6,000 entries from around the globe.

Our clients are in esteemed company as recipients of these awards. Among the other winners were well-known global brands Walmart, Boeing and Mercedes Benz.

"The fact that we have have received these awards for three very different clients is indicative of our flexibility as an agency," said Luminary's Managing Director, Adam Griffith. 

"We strive to make a difference to our clients in everything we do, and these awards are a fitting acknowledgment of the passion and dedication the teams have applied to these projects."

Our 2016 Communicator Awards Hall of Fame

Brown Brothers -
Gold Award of Excellence: Websites - Visual Appeal
Silver Award of Distinction: Websites - Food and Beverage

Australian Seniors Insurance Agency -
Gold Award of Excellence: Websites - Structure and Navigation

QSR International -
Silver Award of Distinction: Websites - Computer/IT: Software
Silver Award of Distinction: Websites - Home Page

Check out our full list of awards.

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