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Cloud-first headless content management system

Kentico Cloud is Kentico’s new headless CMS offering. A headless (aka ‘decoupled’) CMS is one that allows you to separate the management of your content from the platform that displays it (e.g. website, app, in-store touch screen etc). A headless CMS gives you greater flexibility to create digital experiences beyond the web, and to embrace current and future omni-channel possibilities.

What are the benefits of a headless CMS?

There are a number of key benefits to having the ability to separate content management from content delivery:

  • Fast-tracks project timelines: With a traditional CMS, there is a high degree of dependency. In other words, one stage of the process cannot begin until another is complete. With a headless CMS, all members of the team can be working simultaneously, enabling speedier project delivery. 
  • Allows content to be managed from one location and delivered across multiple channels: A headless CMS eliminates the need to duplicate your content efforts for delivery across multiple channels. It provides a centralised source of content for distribution across a wide range of channels – including websites, mobile applications, touchscreens and a myriad of internet-enabled devices. 
  • Offers more design flexibility: With a headless CMS, you have the flexibility to create the presentation layer of your digital experience with any tools or programming language you like. So unlike Kentico CMS, Kentico Cloud allows developers to branch out beyond the .NET framework (e.g. PHP, React.js or native apps).

Traditional Project Workflow

Traditional Project Workflow diagram

Kentico Cloud Project Workflow

Kentico Cloud Project Workflow

What sort of projects are suitable for Kentico Cloud?

Kentico Cloud is best suited to projects with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Omni-channel content delivery: Kentico Cloud can provide excellent efficiency gains where content needs to be published across a number of channels – such as a website, mobile app and touch screens.
  • Simple specifications: Kentico Cloud is a content management microservice. As such, its feature set is limited in comparison to Kentico CMS. This makes it most suited to projects with relatively simple specifications, for example content-oriented microsites or brochure sites that don’t require more complex features like e-commerce, marketing automation or member-only content access.
  • A need for speed: Kentico Cloud’s speed to market makes it ideally suited to projects that need to launch quickly – for example campaign microsites. 
  • Design-driven: The flexibility to use any programming language to create a site or app removes technology restrictions and allows for the creation of a completely custom look and feel. This makes it particularly suitable for projects that are heavily design-driven, or governed by strict brand guidelines.
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What is Kentico Cloud? And why should I care?

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By Andy Strategy, Kentico, Kentico Cloud, Headless CMS 8 minute read

Rather than being a new version of Kentico CMS or EMS, Kentico Cloud is an entirely new product from Kentico. As such, it requires a little explanation!

Kentico Cloud

Kentico Cloud 9 Months Later

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By Andy Strategy, Kentico Cloud, Headless CMS 4 minute read

Kentico Cloud was officially launched at the 404 Conference in Las Vegas in November 2016, and I was lucky enough to be there. It’s amazing to think that was just over nine months ago! Development has continued since then at break-neck pace, and the product is already streaks ahead of that nine month mark (when it was born... there I’ve made the joke!).

Kentico Cloud

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