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Episerver makes it easy to create effective digital experiences – in any channel and on any device. It has a presence in over 30 countries worldwide and has been in operation for more than 20 years. Luminary is an accredited Episerver solution partner.

Episerver is recognised as a Leader in Gartner’s WCM Magic Quadrant, as well as being named in the Magic Quadrants for Digital Commerce and Horizontal Portals. (Download the latest Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce report.) Episerver is also an International Association of Microsoft Cloud Partners Winner.

Episerver features


  • Quickly build an online store, fully integrated with the store experience and connected to other business systems.
  • Have full control over the brand and product experience with rich product content seamlessly blended with editorial content.
  • Handle seasonal and campaign peaks with ease through elastic scaling in the cloud. 

Digital marketing

  • Take advantage of behavioural profiling and machine learning functionalities.
  • Automatically generate landing pages.
  • Create smart content with personalisation based on website interactions and search behaviour.
  • Leverage customer profiles and data through predictive analytics.
  • Seamlessly connect with existing digital marketing platforms, including HubSpot, Marketo and Eloqua.

Machine learning (Artificial Intelligence)

  • Present individualised content and product selections in multiple channels, without complicated configuration using Episerver's combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistical analysis.


  • Utilise the platform’s modular framework for extensibility and scalability.

Speed to market

  • Launch your project faster by leveraging the efficiencies of a cloud-based platform. 

William Angliss Institute

William Angliss Institute needed a website that would be a best-in-class competitive tool against universities, TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations.


This project had one key aim – to use digital to drive consumption of Australian vegetables.

Luminary wins Episerver Partner Award

Luminary wins Episerver Partner Award

Tami Iseli

By Tami Iseli, Awards, News 1 minute read

Luminary has been recognised as Episerver's most valuable new partner in the Asia Pacific region.

Customising Episerver Forms

Ynze Nunnink

By Ynze Nunnink, Development, Episerver 3 minute read

Episerver Forms has a lot of built-in functionality, but in some cases it is necessary to extend that functionality, which can be a tricky thing to do. This post contains information about rendering, overriding and problem solving custom Episerver form functionality.

Episerver Personalization with persistent anonymous profiles

Darren Stahlhut

By Darren Stahlhut, Development, Episerver 6 minute read

Episerver Personalization is a powerful feature to ensure your website displays relevant content to your visitors. At Luminary we needed a way to persist an anonymous visitor's personalisation profile across sessions without using Episerver Insight or custom cookies. Here's how we did it...

Generating image metadata and SVG thumbnails with Episerver DXC Azure Blob storage

Darren Stahlhut

By Darren Stahlhut, Development, Episerver 5 minute read

Episerver has an ImageData base class that natively supports images. But we needed to extend it to provide metadata fields and display SVG thumbnails. Here's how we did it...

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