Ynze Nunnink presenting at Optimizely Meetup

Optimizely multi-site best practices: a presentation by MVP Ynze Nunnink

A showcase of Optimizely multi-site best practices, featuring Daimler sub-brands Fuso and Freightliner.

Ynze Nunnink

19 October 2022

1 minute read

In this recorded presentation from a recent Optimizely Meetup, we showcase how Luminary successfully applied a multi-site development strategy for Daimler and its sub-brands using the Optimizely DXP. 

The approach was to share content, components and complex features by applying the brand styling as a layer on top of the individual sites. The presentation delves into the challenges of our approach, what development techniques we used to solve them, and how effective the approach turned out to be.

Watch the video to find out more about:

  • Designing components for reusability
  • Styling to reflect different sub-brands
  • Creating dynamic content features
  • Managing roles and permissions across sub-brands
  • Key learnings for a successful multi-site strategy

Further information on this topic can be found in A multi-brand strategy in Optimizely DXP.

Our Optimizely expertise

A snapshot of our Optimizely awards, projects and blog posts.

A Luminary project on Optimizely - two screens with man looking at screens

4 min read

Why you should upgrade to Optimizely CMS 12

Upgrading to a new version of the Optimizely CMS can seem daunting. It starts making a lot more sense once you open the black box and see that the benefits can outweigh the development effort.

Ynze Nunnink
Ynze Nunnink

27 June 2022

4 minute read

Ynze Nunnink

3 min read

Optimizely names Luminary Senior Developer, Ynze Nunnink, OMVP

Luminary Senior Developer and Optimizely Lead, Ynze Nunnink has secured the coveted position of Optimizely MVP. Earning a Platinum badge for his contribution to the Optimizely and greater CMS community, Ynze will continue to share knowledge and enhance the Optimizely product offering through his work.

Claire Dunton
Claire Dunton&Ynze Nunnink

02 October 2022

3 minute read


This project had one key aim – to use digital to drive consumption of Australian vegetables.

Life-Space Probiotics

Life-Space turned to Luminary to help expand its product, Australia’s number one probiotic, into the global scene.

Episerver Award Presentation

1 min read

Luminary wins Episerver Partner Award

Luminary has been recognised as Episerver's most valuable new partner in the Asia Pacific region.

Tami Iseli
Tami Iseli

13 March 2018

1 minute read

2 min read

Customising Episerver Forms

Episerver Forms has a lot of built-in functionality, but in some cases it is necessary to extend that functionality, which can be a tricky thing to do. This post contains information about rendering, overriding and problem solving custom Episerver form functionality.

Ynze Nunnink
Ynze Nunnink

08 November 2018

2 minute read

5 min read

Episerver Personalization with persistent anonymous profiles

Episerver Personalization is a powerful feature to ensure your website displays relevant content to your visitors. At Luminary we needed a way to persist an anonymous visitor's personalisation profile across sessions without using Episerver Insight or custom cookies. Here's how we did it...

Darren Stahlhut
Darren Stahlhut

12 October 2018

5 minute read

4 min read

Generating image metadata and SVG thumbnails with Episerver DXC Azure Blob storage

Episerver has an ImageData base class that natively supports images. But we needed to extend it to provide metadata fields and display SVG thumbnails. Here's how we did it...

Darren Stahlhut
Darren Stahlhut

30 July 2018

4 minute read

A Daimler truck

6 min read

A multi-brand strategy in Optimizely DXP

The Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is ideally suited to digital projects featuring multiple websites or applications. Here, we showcase a multi-brand engagement we are undertaking for Daimler.

Ynze Nunnink
Ynze Nunnink

29 September 2022

6 minute read

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