Ynze Nunnink presenting at Optimizely Meetup

Optimizely multi-site best practices: a presentation by MVP Ynze Nunnink

A showcase of Optimizely multi-site best practices, featuring Daimler sub-brands Fuso and Freightliner.

Ynze Nunnink

By Ynze Nunnink, 19 October 20221 minute read

In this recorded presentation from a recent Optimizely Meetup, we showcase how Luminary successfully applied a multi-site development strategy for Daimler and its sub-brands using the Optimizely DXP. 

The approach was to share content, components and complex features by applying the brand styling as a layer on top of the individual sites. The presentation delves into the challenges of our approach, what development techniques we used to solve them, and how effective the approach turned out to be.

Watch the video to find out more about:

  • Designing components for reusability
  • Styling to reflect different sub-brands
  • Creating dynamic content features
  • Managing roles and permissions across sub-brands
  • Key learnings for a successful multi-site strategy

Further information on this topic can be found in A multi-brand strategy in Optimizely DXP.

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