Design and UX

Design and User Experience

Our mission is to make digital bright, and the human experience brighter. The work we do in the design and user experience (UX) space is a clear embodiment of that mission.

Our award-winning design and UX specialists have a knack for bringing beauty and functionality together in a way that eclipses expectation.

It all begins with the processes we undertake to really understand your audience’s needs, wants, emotions, behaviours and interactions. The nuggets of gold we collect during the discovery and strategy phases of your project ensure that the digital products and services we create genuinely hit the mark. 

To achieve the ideal user experience for your audience, we recommend conducting user research, experience and testing activities to gather insights and identify opportunities, before proceeding with the design and development phases of work. In addition, undertaking ongoing conversations with users and validating and testing ideas, designs and functionality can all work together to promote continuous improvement in the overall user experience. 

Web and data analytics

We will review and analyse website analytics, as well as other existing data such as operational data, customer feedback/surveys, market research and industry data, to develop digital recommendations. 

Expert review and benchmarking

We will conduct a thorough review of your website against a variety of best practice and industry standard criteria, identifying existing issues and opportunities for improvement with your current digital presence.


We can facilitate workshops with key stakeholder groups to investigate requirements and identify pain points and improvement opportunities. Stakeholder workshops can also be used to test the effectiveness of prototyped solutions.

In-depth interviews

Luminary recommends one-on-one interviews to get a deeper insight and further detail into user preferences, behaviours, motivations and attitudes. Another option is to conduct the conversation in the participant’s environment, to effectively simulate an actual customer digital experience. 

User testing

User testing allows us to gain insights into how well user needs, wants and expectations are being met by a digital service or product, and can be tailored to specific functions, features or areas of interest. Luminary can also facilitate online task based user testing, which allows for greater participant numbers and wider geographical reach. 

Persona development

Personas are fictional representations of customer types, providing a reference for typical personality traits, goals, frustrations, motivations, behaviours and expectations of a segment of users. Defining these personas ensures that we have a solid understanding of our customers, and can align digital experiences to their needs and wants. 

User journey mapping

Luminary can create a visual illustration of the different touchpoints that customers encounter, both online and offline, when interacting with your business. By using the insights gained from mapping the existing customer journey, we can map a future state journey: the ideal customer experience.

Information architecture

Information architecture is the organising, labelling and structuring of information to promote usability, findability and navigability in digital presences such as websites, intranets, online communities and software. We can use card sorting and tree testing tools to guide the drafting of an appropriate IA structure.


Wireframes are a visual representation of the framework of a website, illustrating the structure and layout of content, images and other page elements such as headers, footers, navigation, breadcrumbs and search. Wireframes can be low or high-fidelity (with varying degrees of detail). Luminary can also create clickable prototypes, allowing you to navigate through a website of wireframes. 

Finished designs

Once wireframes are approved, we move into applying your organisation’s brand to describe the user experience in full fidelity. We deliver this for your review through a design feedback tool called InVision, that allows you to review the experience in your browser and comment directly on the designs.

Design QA

At Luminary, we are strong believers in rigorous quality assurance and testing. Ensuring the final user experience delivered to customers is as designed is an essential part of this QA process and the responsibility of the designer, in partnership with the QA team. 

Conversion optimisation

Once a digital experience is live, the work of a designer doesn’t stop. Our design team are passionate about continuous improvement and helping our clients increase the value of their digital assets by improving conversion; whether that be an increase in transactions, average order value, leads, enquiries or subscriptions.

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Content Services

Content Spreadsheet for Google Calendar

This incredibly clever Google spreadsheet allows you to automatically sync your content ideas to a Google calendar.

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