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AusAppPathways App

The Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service is a government-funded organisation whose primary objective is to increase awareness of apprenticeship and traineeship options. It wanted a mobile-friendly tool to help students and career advisers find information to get them started on their career journey.



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The challenge

The app needed to:

  • streamline the student journey from the point of working out the right career, to determining which courses, apprenticeships or traineeships are available to them 
  • provide an exceptional user experience on mobile devices
  • be available for both Apple and Android devices, and
  • strip down the website content to only material that is relevant to the student journey.

The solution

In response to this brief, Luminary developed an app that leverages the existing back-end of the client's Kentico website to deliver the content as a web app. The AusAppPathways app has effectively revolutionised the way prospective trainees and apprentices seek and gather information on possible career/study options. Rather than having to rely on many different sources, they can now find everything they need through one simple, streamlined, mobile-friendly tool. 

Instead of having many different pathways and menu options to bring them to the same destination, users are taken on a simple journey where flexible filtering options help them eliminate information that is not relevant. They can also easily toggle the filtering to see how changing one aspect of the filtering (such as location) might change the results presented. For example, a user could toggle between applicable study options available in Victoria or NSW.

Luminary’s development expertise has helped the Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service deliver a practical and valued resource to the career information market. The app has achieved excellent initial success recording over 7000 screen views monthly in 2016, and approximately 3200 downloads over 10 months.
- Ian Marett, Managing Director, Integrated Information Service

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