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Umbraco Heartcore

Umbraco Heartcore is Umbraco's headless CMS offering, built on the experience and feedback that comes from Umbraco's history as an open source CMS.

Umbraco Heartcore offers a seamless omnichannel delivery, ideal for apps, smart watches, smart speakers, screens and other devices. For Umbraco users looking for a headless CMS framework, Umbraco Heartcore is flexible for developers and friendly for marketers and editors.

About Umbraco Heartcore

Umbraco Heartcore is Umbraco's Software as a Service (SaaS) Headless CMS offering. Heartcore is built on top of the open-source CMS, deployed on Azure infrastructure and uses Cloudflare CDN for content and media delivery. Content is served via a dynamic RESTful API, with GraphQL out of the box. The API nature of this product makes the consuming application platform agnostic. However, Umbraco HQ provides libraries for .NET Core and Node JS. Heartcore has a familiar Umbraco back-office and content structured in a tree format. Content Management APIs, WebHooks, API browser, Image Manipulation Service on the CDN and multi-language support also come out of the box.

When working with Umbraco Heartcore, users can leverage the Umbraco capabilities and community, which boasts over 730,000 installs. Heartcore targets both developers and editors, with this headless CMS offering scalability and variation in architecture and integrations.

Umbraco Heartcore technical features

  • Webhooks - reacting to content changes right away, reducing data usage
  • User roles - freedom to create users with different permissions (for example, e-commerce editor role)
  • Umbraco Forms that offer simple contact forms and multi-step questionnaire 
  • Platform support to troubleshoot issues that don't involve coding and development
  • Heartcore ships with Content Delivery Network (CDN) capabilities using Cloudflare, which means local data centres and fast load times
  • Extensive forum support from the Umbraco Heartcore community, and Umbraco users as a whole
  • Built-in GraphQL functionality through the GraphQL Playground (reduced load time, flexibility in retrieving content)
  • Umbraco Heartcore comes with a managed API

Umbraco Heartcore editor features

  • Preview your content as you create, just like you would in a traditional CMS
  • Scheduled publishing allows editors to prepare news, content and campaigns and choose when they go live
  • The 'infinite editing' workflow is integrated so users can keep track of where they are in the flow so avoid losing track of context
  • Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our Umbraco expertise

Our Umbraco team consists of developers and solution architects and is led by Emmanuel Tissera and Mario Lopez, two of just a handful of Umbraco MVPs in Australia.