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Luminary becomes first Umbraco Platinum Partner in Australia

We are excited to announce that we have become the first and only Umbraco Platinum Partner in Australia. In a parallel development, we have also been instrumental in the establishment of an Umbraco hosting region in Australia.

Emmanuel Tissera

28 August 2023

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Luminary developers have been working with Umbraco, a leading ASP.NET CMS, since 2009. In 2021, we became an Umbraco Gold Partner. 

Our elevation to Platinum – the highest attainable Umbraco partnership status – is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to the platform and the strength of our relationship with Umbraco.

Luminary’s deep experience on the Umbraco CMS enables our clients to leverage a wealth of technical knowledge and optimise the full range of features on the platform. With two Umbraco MVPs who are also Umbraco Certified Masters, Luminary is in a prime position to evaluate and strategically work with Umbraco and Umbraco Cloud. Along with other Umbraco-certified developers at Luminary, our development team has the experience and knowledge to help clients get the best out of the CMS. 

With our Platinum Partnership status, we are also now able to pass on greater discounts to our Umbraco clients on hosting and products from Umbraco HQ. 

Australian data centre collaboration

Our commitment to Umbraco and Umbraco Cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service), led us to lobby Umbraco HQ for a data centre in Australia. We worked closely with Umbraco HQ to realise a new Umbraco Cloud instance on the Azure data centre in eastern Australia. This allows us to service our enterprise clients who mandate Australian data residency. It also allows us to offer better performance and the cost savings of Umbraco Cloud to small- and medium-sized clients in Australia and New Zealand.

“The Australian data centre was made possible in close collaboration with our first Australian Platinum Partner, Luminary,” said Umbraco CTO Fliip Bech. “We already have a number of Umbraco Cloud projects in the region, and being able to provide an even faster and better service, along with the data privacy benefits of regional hosting makes great sense. We’re sure we’ll see even more successful projects on Umbraco Cloud in this region very soon.”

The new data centre marks a major milestone for Luminary, Umbraco HQ and the open-source community in Australia. It ensures Australian data residency, swift deployments, and seamless management, within a cost-effective, auto upgraded and secure PaaS (Platform as a Service). With cloud-native Umbraco add-ons such as Forms, Deploy, Commerce and Workflow, content editors will be able to utilise multiple self-service options and developers can concentrate on custom functionality for their clients. 

Community partnership

The Umbraco community in Australia had been calling for a hosting region in Australia over a number of years and Luminary is proud to have been instrumental in making this a reality. Luminary has supported the Umbraco community in Melbourne, and more broadly in Australia, as the host of the Umbraco Melbourne Meetups since 2018.  

As Luminary CEO Marty Drill said: “We are thrilled that Umbraco is opening a hosting environment in Australia. This is a major platform that continues to grow and having a hosting environment in Australia is critical for its next phase. It will provide the opportunity for speed improvements for existing customers and data sovereignty in Australia for new customers who need it.

“We are excited to help bring an Umbraco data centre to Australia. This is huge for the Umbraco partner community in Australia, many of whom have been lobbying for this to happen for several years. It’s a great platform and we are proud to have two Umbraco MVPs, in Emmanuel Tissera and Mario Lopez, and to become a Platinum Partner.”

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