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You can have the greatest digital platform, but without great content it’s never really going to fly.

Whether it’s sales, sign-ups, donations, registrations, downloads or simply eyeballs you seek, a powerful content strategy is vital.

Yet no matter how many times we hear the hackneyed adage ‘Content is King’, we consistently see content being treated as an afterthought. Like the piece of the puzzle that slips under the coffee table and gets forgotten until the end.

Our content and digital strategists have years of experience overseeing successful projects and will make sure you’re on the front foot with content. They’ll help you put the processes in place to produce content that’s laser-focused on meeting the needs of your target audience and achieving your objectives.

Website content audit

Includes compilation of a content inventory, analysis of content against predetermined criteria (e.g. content quality, SEO etc.) and recommendations on how best to deal with existing content and address information gaps. 

Information architecture audit and sitemap development

Using our knowledge of best practices for organising content, we will analyse the structure of your site and suggest an improved hierarchy of information.

Channel strategy

We will provide recommendations on appropriate distribution channels and tactics (e.g. email marketing, social media, SEO; repurposing content into multiple formats and optimising for omni-channel distribution).

Content theme generation

Based on an analysis of your user personas and customer lifecycle, we will conduct a workshop with your key stakeholders to develop content themes designed to address your business objectives and the needs of your target audiences.

Editorial calendar development and set-up

We will provide you with an editorial calendar template tailored to your requirements and assist relevant team members in implementing it. 

Content evaluation and metrics framework

Based on an analysis of your business and content objectives, we will assist you in defining relevant and workable KPIs and determining methods to help you track your success in achieving these. 

Style guide development 

This may include anything from a basic Brand Voice Guide (i.e. defining how your brand’s personality is embodied in the way it communicates) to a full Editorial Style Guide, including standards for spelling, punctuation and style. 

Email marketing 

We can assist you in developing a strategy for using email to achieve your broader marketing objectives, including template and subscription form set-up, unsubscription flows, integration with CRMs, and advice on frequency and content.

Copywriting and editing

We can also provide copywriting and editing services, including copy editing and proofreading, campaign copy and/or landing pages, blog posts, whitepapers/ebooks, and lead generation assets – e.g. checklists, infographics, cheat sheets, templates etc.

People Emma Andrews



Brand and Digital Strategist

As a Brand and Digital Strategist, Emma's primary task is to ask lots of questions of our clients and transform the responses into a blueprint for market domination.

People Adam Griffith



Managing Director

Adam is a trusted advisor for our clients, and welcomes new clients to the Luminary community.

People Tami Iseli



Content Strategist

Tami looks after all of Luminary's internal content and marketing, as well as assisting our clients with their content strategies.


7 reasons why content calendars fail

Tami Iseli

By Tami Strategy 4 minute read

A content calendar can be an extremely powerful tool – if well set-up and maintained. Content Strategist Tami Iseli outlines some of the factors that can reduce the chances of abandonment, along with a downloadable content calendar spreadsheet that automatically syncs your content ideas to a Google calendar.

Abandoned car

How to do a content audit

Tami Iseli

By Tami 9 minute read

A content audit can be a really valuable exercise to identify ways to improve the performance of your website and highlight gaps and opportunities. Here, we offer some guidance on how to do it – along with a downloadable content audit template.

Content Audit

5 content-related ‘crimes’ against accessibility

Tami Iseli

By Tami Strategy 6 minute read

Content Strategist Tami Iseli exposes some of the most common accessibility mistakes that content creators make – and how to avoid them.

Crimes against accesibility Hero Image

How to do a content audit

Tami Iseli

By Tami 9 minute read

A content audit can be a really valuable exercise to identify ways to improve the performance of your website and highlight gaps and opportunities. Here, we offer some guidance on how to do it – along with a downloadable content audit template.

Content Audit

How to perform a website audit

Adam Griffith

By Adam Strategy, Design, Development, Hosting 5 minute read

Conducting a website audit sounds like a really big, scary, time-consuming chore, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve simplified the task for you with six key areas to assess – along with a downloadable checklist full of useful questions, tips and tools.

Laptop screen showing Google analytics page with coffee cup in the background

How to brief a digital agency

Liam Thomas

By Liam Strategy 6 minute read

Whether you’re briefing your existing agency or inviting new agencies to respond to a request for proposal, there are certain ‘rules of the game’ that will help you drive the best possible result. This blog post features a downloadable sample digital agency brief to help you get off on the right foot.

Brief Digital Agency

Creating a digital strategy roadmap

Liam Thomas

By Liam Strategy 5 minute read

A good roadmap not only outlines what you want to achieve with digital, but sets out the detail of how you're going to get there. Here we provide some guidance on how to do it, along with a downloadable sample digital roadmap.

Digital Roadmap
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Smarter Digital Marketing

Our guide to Kentico's Online Marketing Solution


Selecting a digital agency? Read this first...

Adam Griffith

By Adam Strategy 7 minute read

Finding the right digital agency is not only critical to the success of an organisation, it can also make or break you as a marketer. Here are some factors to consider – along with a downloadable dynamic digital agency scorecard.

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Resource Content Services

Content Spreadsheet for Google Calendar

This incredibly clever Google spreadsheet allows you to automatically sync your content ideas to a Google calendar.

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