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20 years of partnership - Fleet Plant Hire and Luminary

Luminary custom developed an application for Fleet that operates their business

Marty Drill

By Marty Drill, 23 April 20244 minute read

A 20-year partnership: Fleet Plant Hire and Luminary grow together

This April marks a significant milestone: the 20th anniversary of the remarkable partnership between Fleet Plant Hire and Luminary. Together, they've revolutionised the technology for managing earthworks removal projects in Victoria and Queensland.

While Fleet Plant Hire (FPH) was established in 1988 and Luminary in 1999, when we began working together in 2004, both businesses were relatively small. Both have grown together over the last 20 years. Very few client/agency partnerships go beyond five years, let alone 20! 

How it started

We were referred by another client who saw that FPH was growing rapidly and their systems were not keeping up with the growth. 

FPH was using a large paper-based spreadsheet to manage the daily allocation of trucks and equipment to job sites around Victoria. Luminary identified that we could create a web-based application that would drastically improve efficiency and the sharing of information across the team. 

It is safe to say that both parties underestimated the scope of the project. The biggest challenge faced was adjusting, adapting and, in some cases, establishing the business rules and processes that would be the foundation of the system. 

In 2004, there were no off-the-shelf commerce systems that could be used as the basis of the platform, everything was developed from scratch. 

The challenge: complexity in every truckload

The civil and industrial project landscape is notoriously complex. Multiple suppliers, ever-changing job sites, and unpredictable weather conditions create a constant stream of logistical hurdles. Any technology solution needs to be adaptable enough to handle these diverse scenarios while adhering to evolving business rules – for both FPH and its customers.

As the industry grew, so did the rules, processes and regulations. The system and the business had to adapt. While the changes to the industry were essential, the system needed to be continually upgraded to handle the changes in order for the people on the job site to not be affected. 

Building a system to reduce friction

The key to success in such a dynamic environment is minimising friction. Delays caused by weather changes, schedule adjustments, or billing complexities can significantly hinder project progress.

Luminary's custom-built system tackles these challenges head-on. It empowers Fleet Plant Hire to efficiently allocate hundreds of trucks across various projects, factoring in:

  • Equipment requirements: Matching the right equipment to the specific needs of each project.
  • Material management: Accounting for different spoil types and design changes affecting earthwork.
  • Dynamic pricing: Addressing billing considerations like hazardous materials, tolls, and waiting times.
  • Compliance assurance: Ensuring loads comply with weight restrictions and changing legal requirements.
Our industry and business operations present complexities. Luminary successfully tackled the technological challenge, enhancing the overall customer experience.
Picture of Jade West from Fleet Plant Hire
- Jade West- Group Operations Manager - Fleet Plant Hire
Fleet Plant Hire interface screnshots

From paperwork to paperless: a digital revolution

One of the most significant transformations brought about by the system was the elimination of paper dockets. We worked together to create a digital docket that allowed for digital signing by the foreman on screen. While it is commonplace now, at the time this was revolutionary. Most importantly it drastically reduced issues with invoices as it meant that the supplier (truck Driver) and the foreman dealt with most discrepancies before signing off the work for the day. Previously, multiple personnel were tasked with manually entering data from triplicate paper dockets that truck drivers needed to send in. It was a time-consuming and error-prone process that caused disputes and delay in accurate project budgeting.  

The eDocket system streamlines everything:

  • Instantaneous data capture: Both supplier and client can access the system in real-time.
  • Transparency and clarity: All parties involved have clear visibility into loads completed, toll charges and the cost of waiting time due to the site not being ready, or rain interruptions
  • Reduced disputes: Digital records minimise invoice discrepancies which results in accurate reporting and payments. 
The 20-year collaboration between Fleet Plant Hire and Luminary is a testament to the power of a strong partnership. By working together, we've developed a system that reduces friction across the entire process, making Fleet Plant Hire an industry leader.
Picture of Chris West, Fleet Plant Hire team member
- Chris West - Managing Director - Fleet Plant Hire
Fleet plant hire interface screenshots

A system that drives business growth

The custom-built system now plays a critical role in managing Fleet Plant Hire's operations. Clients appreciate the system's ability to handle the complexities of small to industrial job sites, ensuring regulatory compliance and a smoother experience for truck drivers. Truck drivers get paid faster and the clients; budgets and reporting are accurate. 

Over the last two decades, FPH and Luminary have developed technology that reduces friction in the process by making the complex, relatively straightforward. 

Digital transformation is a term that can be used often and loosely, but Fleet Plant Hire not only revolutionised how it did business, but it set the pace for the industry. Agencies often have a hand in driving these digital transformations, only to walk away when the partnership concludes. To continue to innovate and lead change over two decades is a privilege few can claim. Luminary has been proud to have team members on the account for almost the length of the partnership, continuing to grow and lead alongside our own agency's growth and success.

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