Sitecore Marketers Meetup: Taming Content

Originally intended to be an in-person event, the recent Sitecore Marketers' Meetup was swiftly re-platformed as a webinar in light of social distancing concerns. The upside? You can now watch the recording here.

Adam Griffith

By Adam Griffith, 2 minute read

Last week was meant to be an in-person gathering of the Melbourne Sitecore Marketers Group, to discuss the challenges of managing content across an organisation. Normally held after hours with wine, beer and nibbles in hand, the group saw the need to take the event digital. 

The first online Meetup was a resounding success, with no technical hiccups and a vibrant panel discussion around the complexities of running marketing and campaigns at scale as digital communications continue to ramp up. The group then saw a demonstration of the Sitecore Content Hub – a platform designed to provide an end-to-end solution to the content traffic snarl as marketers develop more and more cross channel communications involving a plethora of moving parts.

Following its move to an online platform, the event drew people from across Australia, and in some cases the world. It also saw the group grow to over 120 members, as the idea of a supportive community-led group that shares tactics and advice around using powerful Sitecore optimisation capabilities took hold and fired imaginations far beyond Melbourne.

Best of all, because the entire event was digital we have a recording of the panel discussion and the demo, so you can watch at any time, from any place. 

The event was moderated by Sitecore Strategy MVP, Greg Baxter, who asked a stellar panel a range of questions designed to surface and clarify the challenges we face as marketers who need to produce increasing digital communications at ever-increasing velocity. 

The panel was comprised of:

Robyn Johnstone, Digital Marketing Manager, Minter Ellison – Robyn is a Sitecore MVP and digital marketer specialising in end-to-end, digital web-based product development and management. Robyn views site content from a strategic perspective and is passionate about using Sitecore’s experience marketing module to deliver personalisation.

Debra Taylor, National Content & Communications Principal at Deloitte Digital – Debra is one of the country’s most experienced and long-standing content strategists. Her approach combines many years as a writer, editor, editorial director and publisher with a deep understanding of how content can deliver upon strategic and commercial objectives. Over her extensive career, she has produced content and strategies for a wide variety of brands including Telstra, HCF, icareNSW, Chartered Accountants, the University of Sydney, QBE, First State Super, the Department of Health and many others.       

Bronwyn Cook, Field Marketing Manager, Sitecore Bronwyn is responsible for the end-to-end ownership of key programs, events, and initiatives that generate demand, increase revenue, and build brand awareness for Sitecore in Australia and New Zealand.

Tami Iseli, Marketing Manager, Luminary – Tami looks after all of Luminary's internal content and marketing, as well as assisting our clients with their content strategies. A former lawyer and Marketing magazine editor, Tami has also held the roles of content strategist, copywriter, tender writer and chief sub-editor.

The Content Hub demo was undertaken by Sitecore's own Vicki Bednjacic, Content Hub Specialist – Vicki is deeply knowledgeable on Enterprise Content Management, Digital Asset Management and Customer Correspondence Management. Vicki leads Sitecore’s Content Hub practice in Australia and has extensive experience across digital, having worked for Sitecore, SAP, OpenText and Box.

Click on the image below to view the recording.

We look forward to the next event, until then stay safe and well! 

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