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Optimise your investment in Sitecore with Ignite

Ignite is a structured workshop and development offering to help you quickly harness the power of Sitecore personalisation.

SItecore personalisation is the key to driving revenue and conversion uplift from your site. It’s probably why your bought the platform in the first place! However, many customers relegate optimisation to a projected Phase Two, failing to take immediate advantage of Sitecore’s power, and even worse – for some it never even eventuates.

Luminary’s Ignite is a fast-start process to fold personalisation, profiling, engagement analytics and testing into your marketing arsenal as early and as quickly as possible – taking just 30 days from strategy to launch. 

So you get the benefit of your investment - fast.

Ignite: MVP-led Sitecore personalisation

Delivered by 10-year Sitecore veteran and multi-year Strategy MVP, Greg Baxter, Ignite is a structured workshop and delivery offering designed to quickly harness the marketing potential of the Sitecore Experience Platform. 

Once the workshop and recommendations are delivered, we build the capability into your site.

Our ‘quick win’ philosophy is designed to rapidly enable marketing optimisation and platform ROI using Sitecore. We use best practices to imagine, plan and deploy your entry into Sitecore optimisation.

It’s time to use Sitecore as intended – to shift the needle in terms of positive and measurable revenue increases.

Ignite methodology

Sitecore methodology diagram

Session 01 Alignment – we make sure your customer experience strategy drives key business and marketing outcomes.

Session 02 Analytics – actionable analytics are the starting point for personalisation. What we measure is what we optimise towards!

Session 03 Profiles – understanding who your customer is, and delivering the right message is the heart and soul of predictive personalisation. 

Session 04 Personalisation – discover the ‘what and where’ of personslation to drive business  impact with minimal complexity.

Session 05 Testing – AB testing is a marketing stalwart because it works, we find the low hanging fruit and empower you to test, test, test.

Session 06 Build – we build out your site in accordance with our Ignite Strategy and Recommendations Blueprint from the workshop.

The workshop was invaluable for our teams. This workshop has been a key milestone in how we take our Sitecore platform forward, in line with organisational objectives. The whole team was very excited at the end of the workshop and really “got it”. Thanks Greg very much for making it make sense!
- Director Digital Solutions

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