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On 6 July 2018, Get Started became Luminary. Here's a Q&A about our rebrand and the reasons behind it.

Marty Drill

06 July 2018

2 minute read

Why did we rebrand?

The short answer is that the name Get Started no longer truly represented who we had become. It did when we began back in 1999. But as time passed, the name Get Started became less relevant. We have evolved dramatically as an organisation over the past two decades – in what we offer, who we work with, how we work, and when and where we do it from. 

The fact that we had outgrown our name was brought into sharp focus with the results of a team survey in mid 2017. More than half of our team said they didn’t like the name Get Started or that they didn’t think it was reflective of our current position in the market. A similar survey of prospective clients revealed that many assumed we focused on start-ups.

So it was time. Time for a change and time to have a name that better represents who we are today, and into the future.

When did the rebrand take effect?

Luminary was launched to the public on 6 July 2018, to mark the beginning of our 20th year in operation. 

Did it involve a change of ownership?

No. We remain a completely independent entity, with the same leadership team at the helm. Our rebrand was not motivated by any kind of takeover or acquisition. 

Will the rebrand affect our services?

Our core business will continue to be the creation of amazing digital experiences. Our aim is not to change the services we offer but to take them to the next level – to push the boundaries of what’s possible. To create experiences that are even more intelligent, insightful and interactive. And to find new and exciting ways to make a difference with digital.

How will the rebrand affect our relationship with you?

From a day-to-day perspective, it won’t. We’re still the same team you’ve come to know and (hopefully) love! We’ve changed our name to reflect who we are, not the other way round. But that said, we’ve never been more focused on providing exceptional experiences for our clients and raising the bar on the level of service we deliver. 

Who did we work with on the rebrand?

We used a combination of internal resources and a Melbourne-based branding agency called Seesaw  to bring our new brand to life. We also worked with Darren Taylor of Taylor & Grace on the strategic aspects of our rebrand. Our video assets were created by Carben Creative, with animation by Jumbla.

Marty Drill, Adam Griffith and Andy Thompson
Luminary Directors
July 2018

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