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Visualising the home of the future

Thanks to Luminary, PGH Bricks and Pavers™ now has a tool that uses state-of-the-art 3D rendering technology and virtual reality to help new home builders imagine their dream home and bring it to life.

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How to brief a digital agency

How to brief a digital agency

Liam Thomas

By Liam Thomas, Strategy 6 minute read

Whether you’re briefing your existing agency or inviting new agencies to respond to a request for proposal, there are certain ‘rules of the game’ that will help you drive the best possible result. This blog post features a downloadable sample digital agency brief to help you get off on the right foot.

How to do a content audit

How to do a content audit

Tami Iseli

By Tami Iseli, 9 minute read

A content audit can be a really valuable exercise to identify ways to improve the performance of your website and highlight gaps and opportunities. Here, we offer some guidance on how to do it – along with a downloadable content audit template.

We built our new site using Kentico Cloud (and a few other microservices)

We built our new site using Kentico Cloud (and a few other microservices)

Andy Thompson pulling a funny face

By Andy Thompson, Strategy, Kentico, Development, Kentico Cloud, Headless CMS 10 minute read

We've been preaching the benefits of headless CMS and microservices architecture to our clients for a couple of years now. So I decided it was time to put my money where my mouth is!

How do you handle online forms with Kentico Kontent?

Andy Thompson pulling a funny face

By Andy Thompson, Strategy, Development, Kentico Cloud, Headless CMS, Kentico Kontent 5 minute read

There are a few questions we regularly field when introducing the concept of a Content as a Service to people. After explaining the terms 'headless' and 'microservices', we invariably hit the topic of online forms - a staple feature of any traditional web CMS, but curiously absent from the feature list of your modern-day headless CMS.

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Luminary has been crowned one of Australia’s Top 20 places to work

Flexible work options, regular social events and professional career coaching are just some of the perks of signing on with our digital agency.

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