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Welcome to Luminary

Trying to find a name that would capture the essence of nearly 20 years of history was no easy feat.

Adam Griffith

06 July 2018

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Luminary. Making digital bright, and the human experience brighter.

lumin(e)ri (n). A person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere; a natural light-giving body, such as the moon or stars. Synonyms: leading light, guiding light, inspiration, leader, expert, master.

It was like finding the golden ticket. After nine long months of doggedly putting names on the table – only to watch each one be cut down and relegated to the scrap heap – we’d finally found something we could all agree on. At last, time to go back to counting sheep at night, rather than lying awake recounting company names!

What a mission it had been. A mission that had encompassed countless surveys, workshops, trademark searches, domain registrations, spirited debates, and the serious consideration of no less than 186 names!

Luminary team photo

So why did we settle on Luminary? 

Firstly, because it neatly summarises our key point of difference – the expertise that we’ve built up through being one of Australia’s longest-standing independent digital agencies. 

Secondly, because it hits the mark on all of our four brand pillars – Real, Solid, Human and Bright. These were chosen through a card-sorting exercise where our team narrowed down more than 200 adjectives to the four that they thought best represented who we are. Real, representing authenticity and honesty; Solid, being our solid experience and proven results; Human, for our focus on putting people first; and Bright, for our commitment to bringing together the brightest minds in digital.

Thirdly, we liked how Luminary could have two meanings – one centered around expertise and leadership, and the other focusing on brightness and the idea of making our clients shine.

Finally – and probably just as importantly – the name Luminary didn’t remind anyone of an offensive ex-colleague or tacky game show from the 80s! When we floated the name with our team and close family circles, there really wasn’t anyone who had a negative reaction to it. We had thought that if we found something that raised no strong objections, it’d probably elicit no positive reactions either. But here we were, with a name that ticked all the boxes (and didn’t tick anyone off!). 

Twelve months ago we decided that the name Get Started no longer represented the agency we’d become. Now we’re ready to embrace a new chapter with a name that does.

Welcome to Luminary.

Andy, Marty, and Adam share their thoughts on why the name Luminary.

This post is the third and final part in a series about our rebrand. To read about the logistics of our rebrand and what it means for clients, check out Part I - Rebrand Q&A. To read more about what triggered the rebrand and the process we went through, see Part II - What’s in a name?

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