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Fleet Plant Hire

Fleet Plant Hire provides an extensive range of truck hire, plant hire and material solutions to construction operations in Victoria and Queensland. The company has been a client of Luminary since 2004. Over that time, Luminary and Fleet Plant Hire have evolved together, from fledgling organisations to well-established industry stalwarts. Fleet Plant Hire is now a major player in the earthmoving and civil construction industry, with significant contracts including the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project.

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The challenge

When Fleet Plant Hire came on board in 2004, its original system was paper-based and Luminary was engaged to develop a comprehensive digital application that would allow them to manage truck and equipment allocation and movement.

The system also had to manage the records of completed jobs and integrate with the finance system to ensure that suppliers were paid and customers' invoicing was managed. This was extremely complex and it relied upon a paper-based timesheeting system known as dockets that were manually entered every day. This system was cumbersome and relied on contractor compliance and extensive processing which was not geared towards the growth Fleet Plant Hire was working toward.

Having worked with Luminary for over two decades, the access to integrations and new technology has evolved with this partnership, allowing for different iterations and optimisations. 

Picture of the Fleet Plant Hire interface

What we did

Luminary has developed and maintained a web application for Fleet Plant Hire since 2004. The application is the heart of the operations of the business whose turnover exceeds $100 million. This project was and continues to be a digital transformation project. Luminary spends approximately 160-200 hours per month enhancing the system for customer experience and government regulation changes. Fleet Plant Hire manages hundreds of trucks across the country each day using this application. 

Over time, the system was upgraded to .NET for stability, security, speed and deployment management. The system manages the calculation of tolls, tip fees, disposal of hazardous waste, calculates the payment of waiting times, manages load limits and insurance, provides governance reporting and ensures suppliers are paid and customers are invoiced accurately. This system runs their business. 

As part of a digital transformation program, Luminary researched the needs of all stakeholders and designed a new digital timsheeting (docket) system that would support the truck driver, the onsite workers, the foreman and the staff at Fleet. The replacement of paper dockets with on screen recording and signing on any device, changed the industry. 

Luminary then created a portal to enable contractors to manage and view their dockets electronically. They can approve or query a docket and have real-time information about their jobs and expenses.

More recently, Luminary moved Fleet Plant Hire from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud so it would be able to scale and have built-in redundancy. This helped Fleet Plant Hire manage hundreds of trucks that removed soil from the Metro Tunnel in Melbourne on a daily basis. 

Using Umbraco, creating a web-based interface, written in .NET MVC, to manage electronic dockets. This allowed for four staff members to be redeployed to other parts of the business, as well as real-time reporting. The Umbraco portal was able to communicate with the main Fleet system via a secure API to retrieve eDocket information. Contractors, clients and Fleet staff can log in to eDockets for self-service. The Umbraco membership has been extended to manage external users with expiring logins and two-factor enablements.

Picture of the Fleet Plant Hire interface

The results

The system has evolved over time as the company, technology, internet speeds, regulation and customer expectations have changed. Luminary has transformed Fleet Plant Hire into an industry leader.

Major digital transformation and change management, integrating 2,000+ registered truck and plant providers to a completely digital system has resulted in thousands of paper dockets that were processed manually each day to now being digital.

Over 99.75% timesheet (docket) accuracy which has improved customer service, invoicing and the bottom line. Additionally, the increase in supplier and customer satisfaction and improvements in user experience have been exponential.

The technology and software are state-of-the-art and allow a site to clearly identify and understand the compliance of each and every load that leaves its site before it hits the road, removing the need for costly weighbridge set-up and reliance on truck scales. We’re continuously looking for new ways to make the industry better.
- Jade Brooks, Systems and Compliance Manager

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