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Luminary achieves Microsoft Cloud Platform Gold Partner status

Luminary has achieved Microsoft Cloud Platform Gold Partner status, highlighting our capability to deliver cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure.

Emmanuel Tissera

By Emmanuel Tissera, 15 November 20213 minute read

We have been working with Microsoft Azure since 2012, deploying what was then called Azure Web Sites. Using this PaaS (Platform as a Service) released our team from managing physical infrastructure and allowed us to focus more on our clients and their public websites and bespoke applications.

While we've worked with Microsoft Azure for a decade already and it's a major area of expertise for the Luminary team, it's absolutely fantastic to achieve the highest possible Gold Partner level of recognition and partnership from Microsoft.
Andy Thompson pulling a funny face
- Andy Thompson, Luminary CTO

Microsoft offers services in different flavours of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS and SaaS (Software as a Service). Being a Microsoft Gold Partner with a Cloud Platform competency confirms Luminary’s technical capabilities in deploying, migrating, and maintaining cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure. It allows us to help our clients make use of secure, scalable, and reliable cloud solutions.

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Luminary has been instrumental in leading many organisations such as Save the Children Australia, LUCRF, legalsuper, Melbourne Airport and Schneider Electric on their cloud journey with Microsoft Azure. With three data centre regions in Victoria, New South Wales and Canberra, Azure allows customers to store their data onshore in Australia to comply with data sovereignty requirements. With Azure Cloud, capital expenditure is not a barrier for organisations to roll out new functionality or handle higher demand for their services. With Azure's pay-as-you-go model, infrastructure spending is now an operational expense. This has allowed us to reduce our clients' infrastructure spending without compromising availability or performance.

Our achievement of the Microsoft Gold partner status highlights Luminary’s commitment to quality.  Combining our commitment to quality and the industry-leading Microsoft Azure Cloud platform's reliability and global scalability is delivering fantastic results for our clients.
Andrew Radburnd
- Andrew Radburnd, Luminary CIO

The development team at Luminary have worked intensively with Azure App Services, Virtual Machines (VMs), Azure SQL databases, No-SQL databases such as Cosmos DB, message queuing services, distributed cache services such as Redis and serverless functions in the form of Azure Functions. The speed to market has increased due to Azure's natural fit with Luminary's expertise in the Microsoft stack. It also ties in nicely with Luminary's knowledge of Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Xperience by Kentico, Sitecore, Optimizely and Umbraco, which are built on the Microsoft stack.

Melbourne Airport on Azure

With Melbourne Airport, we were able to utilise the whole suite of Azure services to host the website and integrate with existing services such as VicRoads, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and flight status information. Azure Functions and Message queues played a major role in bringing real-time flight status information to users. The automatic scaling capabilities of web apps and databases gives Melbourne Airport an edge when handling spikes in website traffic. View the case study on the Melbourne Airport project

Clipsal by Schneider Electric on Azure

The award-winning Clipspec Electrical Design Application for Clipsal by Schneider Electric has been a Microsoft Azure success story for both Luminary and Clipsal. Moving away from a desktop application to a cloud-enabled web application has allowed for frequent feature updates and a much smoother experience for the consultants and builders who use Clipspec. View the case study on the Clipspec project.

There are many reasons why developers will work towards cloud technologies. The Microsoft Cloud Platform allows us to use the most advanced services available to build, deploy and scale our web applications and APIs more quickly while keeping optimal cost level. As a result, we can focus on developing the new applications instead of managing the distributed systems.
Thai Tran
- Thai Tran, Luminary Solutions Architect

This Microsoft Gold Partnership allows our team to showcase their broad knowledge across the Azure Cloud platform with proven experience and industry certifications. It allows us to build applications such as Clipspec and keep on improving them over time using Azure innovations.

Luminary is also an Azure Cloud Service Provider (CSP) with a significant customer consumption over the 100,000 USD minimum needed for qualifying as a Gold Partner. With two Microsoft certified Azure Developer Associates and many more certifications in the pipeline, the technical team at Luminary has extensive knowledge across the Azure Cloud platform.

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