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GILT or GUILT – Localisation crimes

Want to learn about globalisation and localisation? I was fortunate to speak about this recently at the Dutch Festival 2020 (DF20). This is a recording from that session, along with the Q&A.

Emmanuel Tissera

By Emmanuel Tissera, 13 October 20201 minute read

Have you committed the crime of not localising your website or app? Your English website caters to just 16 percent of the world's population. How do you cater to the six and a half billion people who don’t speak English?

Globalisation, Internationalisation, Localisation and Translation (GILT) is here to stay and it’s time you knew what it meant for you.

Thank you to the Dutch Umbraco User Group for organising this festival.
I was awed to be in the virtual company of the likes of Scott Hanselman.

This talk was for developers, designers and business peeps. On Umbraco 8 and on Umbraco Heartcore, it will give you the know-how. On earlier versions or bespoke software, the talk will be your guide.

Trying to convince your boss that you need a localised site? Here is the ammo you need.

Guilty Talk

Emmanuel speaking at DF20

Guilty links

The links referenced in the recording are listed below.

Taking it further

These tips are focused on Umbraco and Umbraco Heartcore. These concepts could be used across other CMS platforms such as Kentico Xperience, Kentico Kontent, Sitecore and Episerver. Talk to me or any Luminary team member to learn more.

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