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Putting the AI in Kontent.ai

Why does Kontent.ai literally have AI in its name? The question has now been definitively answered as Kontent.ai has announced that it's the first content management system to feature native generative AI. And I've got early access!

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By Andy Thompson, 3 October 20234 minute read

People have been asking me this question for a while now - why does Kontent.ai literally have 'ai' in its name?

Until now, even if we knew something of their secret plans πŸ™Š, the best answer was that Kontent.ai was designed from the ground up not to simply produce content, but to power content intelligence, and support a 'Composable AI' strategy.Β 

What is Composable AI? Starting with the more common concept of a Composable DXP, a headless CMS such as Kontent.ai is not even going to try to tick every box in your martech stack. Instead, it focuses on doing one thing, and doing it extremely well: managing your content. It is API-first, meaning it's designed from the ground up to integrate extremely well with other API-first platforms, giving you the flexibility to build your DXP from the best bits available on the market, and this includes AI-powered services. From day one of taking on the Kontent.ai branding, it featured first-class integrations with various AI platforms, such as Recombee (which we're using on this very site). This concept of building your own platform composed of AI-powered services that work perfectly together rather than looking for one AI product to solve all of your problems, is what we mean by 'Composable AI'.

But wait, there's more!

Now we get to see what the chefs in the Kontent.ai kitchen have been cooking up this whole time - powerful native generative AI features baked right into the platform.

What does 'native' or 'baked right in' mean?

By native, I mean there is no integration required with another platform such as ChatGPT. There's no plugin to install, no browser/Chrome extensions, no extra subscriptions or services. It's part of the product, just like making your rich text bold.

The benefits of native functionality are numerous, compared to using common generative AI tools as part of your workflow. Firstly and most simply, it means you don't need to have multiple apps or tabs open side by side, copying and pasting things between different apps such as ChatGPT, Bing, Copilot, or Google Bard.

Even more powerful though, is that by having the AI interface right there in the CMS, means that its functionality is tailored specifically to what content editors want and need to do in a content management system.

Screenshot of Kontent.ai's generative AI interface and features

As well as being able to surface the most useful features in the right place, being baked right in to the platform also allows the AI to be aware of more than just what you've selected in your text box. For example, you can quickly and easily use your long-form writing to generate another version of that content for another field in your content type.

Perhaps the most powerful reason to have native AI in a CMS, is that over time, the generative AI can actually learn from, and be influenced by, your own style of writing. In other words, it can be re-trained on your own content, and not always sound like the generic ChatGPT style we're getting so accustomed to seeing now.

And finally, being a web-based, cloud-native CMS, having generative AI features natively within the platform means that they're instantly available to you on any device, in any location.

What else can it do?

A few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Quickly convert dot points to prose

Screenshot of Kontent.ai's "generate paragraphs" generative AI feature

If you're like me, you start a document or article with a dot-point outline. This goes through a review, gets reordered (or completely rewritten) several times, which is where most of the work gets done! Then there's a final step of being 'fleshed out' into a proper article, which takes far less creativity, but at least as much time.

Remove prose!

What about the exact reverse? I'm guilty of fleshing things out too much at times. What starts as a quick outline becomes an essay thousands of words long. Or perhaps you're just trying to squeeze things into a word limit to make it look ok on your preview site? Sound familiar?Β 

The aptly-named "Make shorter" does a great job of trimming things down.

Kontent.ai's 'Make Shorter' generative AI feature

Rewrite content to match a particular style

If you did the above conversion from outline to long-form text in a rush, late at night, or in a bad mood 😠, maybe it's just... not quite right. But in that bad mood, can you be bothered rewriting it completely, when the content is all there and correct, just using different words? 

You could use the "Change Tone" feature to lighten it up a bit, or go one step further. Kontent.ai's "Improve Content" feature lets you redraft content according to a written brief, but that brief can consist entirely of you pointing to another piece of content in the CMS, and saying 'make it so'.

Kontent.ai's 'improve content' generative AI feature

Quickly draft an introduction or summary

You put most of your work into the meat of your article. Then you realise you need a meta/OG description, a 50 word summary, a conclusion or Call To Action before it can be approved and published! Give the "Ask AI" feature a quick brief, and it can get you most of the way in seconds.

Kontent.ai generative AI features being used to draft an article summary

The conclusion below might look a little familiar. 😜

The future looks bright

Far from the anxiety-ridden notion of job loss to robots, as marketers we can embrace generative AI with enthusiasm and open arms. Think of it more as us acquiring superpowers! πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ

We are not being replaced, but rather we are being enhanced, gaining superpowers that allow us to spend less time on mundane work and more on being creative.

Curious to see if Kontent.ai is the right fit for your next project?

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