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Experiencing a week in the life of Luminary

Year 10 student Lachlan Newman got a taste of life as a developer with his week of work experience at Luminary. At the end, he took away lots of valuable learnings and a real-life, playable computer game that he created himself! Here’s his account of the week.

Lachie Newman, Work Experience Student

By Lachlan Newman, 4 July 20222 minute read

I was lucky enough to do a week of work experience at Luminary. The office was located in the city and my hours were 9:30am till 5pm to experience what it would be like to work in a field like this. 

I was assigned a mentor, Allen Chen, to walk me through a project he created for me. This project was a space shooter game which I was really excited to do.

Three times in the week I joined in a ‘stand up’, which is a morning meeting at 10am to communicate to the team about how our work is going. We do this because everyone works remotely and this is a way of keeping in touch. 

The first day was confusing and I felt a bit nervous. I was given a tour around the office and it was a beautiful office compared to other offices I’ve been to. The first important thing I learnt was how to make coffee. We also had some technical issues with my laptop because the school restricts certain websites and downloads but they were kind enough to let me borrow a work laptop. 

I was given a document to refer to, follow and complete tasks. The tasks I was given required me to have a basic understanding of JavaScript which I had some experience with but I learnt so much more from Allen. I often came across tasks I didn’t understand how to complete but was forced to problem solve to push my understanding of the code, like I would have to do in a career like this.

By the end of the week I completed my task with a lot of help from Allen. I was excited to finish my game. It was an amazing experience and I’d like to thank Allen, Emmanuel and Marty for welcoming and guiding me with this experience. 

If you’d like to play my game you can access it publicly here

Lachie with Allen

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