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TTI Group (Ryobi)

Power tools giant TTI Group enlisted Luminary’s extensive experience in CMS platform selection and development to help it find a right-fit CMS platform to meet its current and future needs.


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The challenge

While Ryobi and AEG are in the business of guiding people to select the right tool for the job, the parent company of these household brands – TTI Group – came to Luminary for help with selecting the right CMS to meet its requirements.

With over 10 brands in its portfolio, TTI is a world leader in cordless technology, spanning power tools, outdoor power equipment, floor care and cleaning for consumer, professional, and industrial users in the home, construction, maintenance, industrial and infrastructure industries. 

TTI was seeking a highly flexible, low-maintenance and cost-effective enterprise-grade CMS to support eight high-performance websites with best-practice internationalisation and strong marketing capabilities, including personalisation. The platform needed to be future-ready with robust integration capabilities to support future expansion.

Luminary was engaged to undertake a technical discovery to help TTI shortlist, evaluate and ultimately select a CMS for its re-platforming project.

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Requirements analysis

The process began with a detailed requirements analysis, incorporating a review of TTI’s existing technical landscape as well as extensive stakeholder interviews to ascertain technical, functional and marketing requirements. 

Luminary’s analysis revealed several key challenges with the current state, including the fact that content creation was being slowed down by disparate technology, and that excessive development time was required for basic functionality. Further, there was minimal data capture and analytics reporting. In short, the existing technology was restricting TTI’s ability to move quickly and provide a positive customer experience. 

Following the current state analysis, Luminary conducted a broad assessment of potential CMS platforms with reference to industry reports, customer reviews, and direct experience working with the relevant platforms.

An ideal future state was outlined, with one CMS for all brands to allow for easier administration, sharing of components, and a reduction in costs. 

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Exploring platform options and alignment

In order to help TTI shortlist and evaluate platforms, Luminary advised on the options available - including the pros and cons of various approaches to solution architecture (monolithic, microservices, and middleware plus microservices), as well as different hosting options (SaaS, Managed and Self-managed).

Luminary’s CMS Comparison Matrix was provided to assist TTI in shortlisting multiple CMS options, along with guidance on how to make the best use of this proprietary selection tool.

Together, Luminary and TTI narrowed down the field of potential CMSs from the 11 that were initially considered, down to a final four (Acquia, Kontent.ai, Optimizely, Umbraco). As well as advising on the reasons that these platforms were suited to TTI’s requirements, Luminary also advised on why the other platforms on the consideration list were not quite the right fit.

Once the shortlist was determined, Luminary assisted TTI in generating vendor briefings and an evaluation scorecard to support vendor demonstrations and allow TTI to assess the vendors’ offerings against its requirements.

Going to market

Luminary’s extensive analysis resulted in a list of 471 detailed requirements, which were then refined into a final list of just under 200. These requirements then formed the backbone of a Request for Proposal that TTI could use to go out to market to find an implementation partner. 

From the shortlist of four vendors, TTI ultimately selected Acquia as its preferred platform and went to market seeking a digital agency with specialist capabilities in that platform.

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