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CMS Comparison Matrix

Let Luminary's CMS Comparison Matrix take the guesswork out of choosing the right CMS for your needs.

Once you’ve developed a shortlist of CMS platforms to consider, it’s time to see how they stack up against one another.

Luminary's CMS Comparison Matrix is an editable table in a spreadsheet that’s pre-populated with each of the key areas to consider in choosing a CMS. You can add in or delete factors that are relevant to your specific circumstances. 

Most platforms will have most features to some extent. What differentiates them is how strong they are in a particular area, and how important that particular feature is to the needs of your organisation.

The matrix offers four built-in options to rank the platforms: ✓ X ⚠ or ☆. A tick or a cross means the feature is present or not present, while the exclamation sign is to highlight any red flags, and the star denotes exceptional performance in a particular area. There is also a free text field to make notes to explain the reasons for your ranking. 

Make sure you set aside a reasonable amount of time and engage the right people to do this properly, as a half-baked decision-making process can be costly – in money, time and sanity!

For more information on how to do a CMS comparison audit, visit our blog post on How to choose the right CMS.

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