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What is MACH? And what does it mean for the future of the CMS?

Luminary Technical Director, Emmanuel Tissera, presented on MACH architecture at the January Umbraco Community Day.

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By Claire Dunton, 15 February 20231 minute read

Umbraco Community Day is an independent online event that is organised by the community for the community. The Umbraco Community Day literally runs for a whole day, kicking off this year on January 19 and running through to the early hours of January 20. The aim is to share the collective gained knowledge on a global stage. In 2023, 16 presenters from around the world connected with peers at the virtual Community Day. 

Luminary’s Technical Director Emmanuel Tissera was one of the presenters, with a session titled ‘MACH Ado About the Future’. Emmanuel explained the concept of MACH – an emerging set of technology principles that stands for Microservices, APIs, Cloud-native and Headless CMS – and what this means for Umbraco and the future of the traditional CMS/DXP.

If you missed the Umbraco Community Day stream, you can catch the presentation and gain a deeper understanding of MACH through real-world examples, and how to future-proof your Umbraco integrations.

Watch the video below to find out more about:

  • The benefits of a MACH ecosystem
  • What is the MACH Alliance, and who are the tech vendors, system integrators and enablers?
  • Why Umbraco is not part of the MACH Alliance
  • What is a Composable DXP, and why choose it?
  • Composable DXP examples (including Melbourne Airport)
  • Considerations when aiming for MACH compliance
  • Umbraco roadmap and future-proofing Umbraco integrations.

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